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Quick Weight Loss E-zines, Issue #012 -- December 2009
December 25, 2009
Hi <>,

Here is the final Quick Weight Loss Ezine for 2009! I hope you enjoy these articles. I have written them whilst on holidays with my girlfriend.

I am currently in Lillehammer, Norway where we have been experiencing temperature around -14 degrees C! Very different to Perth, Western Australia where I come from. In fact, I received an email from my dad yesterday who said it was 34 degrees C in Perth!

I completely understand that at this time of the year it is very difficult to stick to any sort of nutritional plan, especially since there tends to be so many social events on. Nevertheless, if you can make an effort to have a few alcohol free days and perhaps do a little bit of exercise, you will find it much easier to stay in reasonable shape and then get back in great shape after the festive season is over.

Plus, perhaps make an effort to have 2 or 3 meals a day where you eat healthily. Yesterday I tried moose and reindeer for the first time. These are very lean meats that are available here in Norway. I guess that is pretty healthy even though it is not very festive to be eating one of Rudolph's relatives!

Anyway, here are the articles. I wish you and your family an enjoyable and safe festive season.

I always enjoy getting feedback, both positive and negative, from my readers. The fact that someone has taken the time to contact me is sincerely appreciated.

Take care,


Recommended Carbohydrate Intake

Your recommended carbohydrate intake per day is probably the least understood and most confusing aspect of nutrition. It is made difficult primarily due to the different schools of thought surrounding this subject.

Most nutritionists and dieticians recommend a relatively high amount of carbohydrate per day relative to the intake of protein and fat. Furthermore, they often recommend a daily carbohydrate intake in excess of 200 grams!

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List of Low Carbohydrate Foods

Here is a list of low carbohydrate foods that you can use when selecting carbohydrates to consume on a daily basis (your daily carbohydrate intake). By emphasising these foods you will be able to dramatically accelerate your weight loss efforts.

The main reason why emphasising these foods in your diet works so well in helping you burn fat fast and lose weight is because they don't stimulate, and may even suppress, insulin release from the pancreas.

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The Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

'What is the best exercise to lose belly fat?' is probably the most common question asked by people who want to lose weight. The answer they expect is usually a particular type of abdominal exercise which can help them burn fat directly from this part of their body.

Unfortunately, 'spot reduction', losing body fat from a specific body part, is physically impossible. The body burns fat from all over the body rather than from specific areas. Of course, certain body parts may lose body fat slower than others but that results from genetic factors rather than the type of exercise performed.

For example, women tend to lose body fat slower from their lower body at a slower rate compared to their upper body. This has to do with the number of alpha and beta receptors on their fat cell membranes and has absolutely nothing to do with the type of exercise being performed.

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