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Quick Weight Loss E-zines, Issue #014 -- February 2010
February 04, 2010
Hi <>,

The last few weeks have been really busy.

It seems that XLR8 Thermogenic is becoming more popular all the time, especially the new formula.

It is also nice to get back into a routine after my holiday. Training, nutrition and work are all back on track! I still haven't got my strength back to 100% after the holiday but I'm sure it's only a few weeks away.

I've also written a few new articles too. One is a compilation of a series of lectures I used to do for the Australian Institute of Fitness. Enjoy!

Lately I've been getting quite a few questions about different aspect of nutrition, exercise and supplementation, please keep them coming! I will post them on the Question and Answer page soon.

Have a great month!



Principles of Fitness Training

In this article we will cover the 12 fundamental principles of fitness training (resistance training). This information is perfect for anyone who is serious about getting the best results from their workouts and provides personal trainers with a total gym workout instruction.

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Here's a Review of Weight Loss Pills

There are so many weight loss products on the market and selecting the right one for you can be difficult. In this review of weight loss supplements we will cover how to identify the best weight loss supplement for you.

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