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Quick Weight Loss E-zine, Issue #003 -- Mar 2009
February 28, 2009

Food Tips

Protein With Every Meal

If you would like to boost your energy, improve your health and change your body composition (less fat, more muscle), then you must ensure that you have a small portion of protein with each of your meals during the day.

Most people may have a portion of protein with their lunch and dinner meals but rarely have any with their breakfast, mid-morning or mid-afternoon meals. Even if their food choices for these meals are 'healthy', i.e. fruit or yoghurt, without protein their body won't function as well as it could.

A lack of protein forces their body into a catabolic state (negative nitrogen balance), which results in a decreased metabolic rate and a loss of muscle. It also means normal bodily functions may be somewhat impaired because they require amino acids (protein) every few hours in order to function properly.

If you are serious about looking good and feeling great then make an effort to have a portion of protein with every meal.

The Principle of Moderation

Almost everyone has heard the phrase, ‘everything in moderation’. It definitely holds true in the area of nutrition. When people go on a diet they stop eating good tasting foods completely. Ultimately, these diets fail because they simply don’t allow for ‘treat foods’, even occasionally.

For any nutritional plan to be sustainable long term, it must allow for the occasional indulgence, otherwise it becomes too difficult to stick to.

Of course, if you want to achieve changes in your body you need to eat healthily and make it a permanent part of your lifestyle. However, it is also essential that you allow yourself the occasional treat so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Fit Myths

You have to exercise in the ‘Fat-Burning Zone’ in order to burn fat

The ‘Fat-Burning Zone’ is said to be 60-80% of your maximum heart rate and by exercising within this zone you can burn off the maximum amount of fat. Exercising at a higher level of intensity burns off a greater proportion of carbohydrate compared to fat, i.e. 70% of the calories burnt off come from carbohydrate and 30% from fat rather than 50% from carbohydrate and 50% from fat at the lower level of intensity.

However, at the higher level of intensity a greater amount of fat can be burnt off. This is simply because the energy expenditure during the session is far greater. Plus, at the higher level of intensity the metabolic rate stays elevated for longer after the exercise session is completed, which means even more fat is burnt.

The first 20-30 minutes of aerobic exercise doesn’t burn fat

If you exercise during the day you need to burn off the blood glucose first before you can access and use stored fat as a primary source of fuel. However, by performing exercise in a mildly hypoglycaemic state (low blood sugar), it is possible to immediately access and use fat as a fuel.

This may be done by performing aerobic exercise first thing in the morning or immediately after a weight-training session. By doing so, you will be exercising in a mildly hypoglycaemic state and will be able to access and burn fat straight away.

The fat-burning effects may be magnified even more by taking XLR8 Thermogenic prior to the session. XLR8 Thermogenic forces the fat cells to release stored body fat and send it into the blood stream, which may then be used as a fuel during the exercise session.

Fit After 50

Exercise / Activity Tips For Over 50’s

The human body has been designed for physical activity. In fact, our ancestors from only a few thousand years ago had the physical characteristics of today’s professional athletes. Unfortunately though, our current lifestyle offers an array of energy-saving and activity-reducing devices that all lead to a more sedentary existence. As a result, it is essential that we make exercise and other forms of physical activity a regular part of our lifestyle if we are interested in achieving and maintaining youthful vigour and vitality.

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