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'Causes of Thyroid Problems', 'Silent Inflammation in the Body' & 'Do Fat Burner Supplements Work?'
August 01, 2011

'Top 10 Causes of Thyroid Problems'

There are many causes of thyroid problems. Some may be due to genetic factors whilst other may be environmental, nutritional or physical. Some of the causes may be easily corrected whilst others may require medical intervention. In order to determine if any of these factors may be a problem for you, proper testing is required by a knowledgeable healthcare professional.

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Causes of Thyroid Problems

'Do Fat Burner Supplements Really Work?'

Many people around the world use fat burner supplements every day. However, the fact is that a good nutritional plan and exercise program are well known to be the best ways to burn body fat, lose weight and get in great shape. However, based simply on the popularity of some of the world's best fat burners, it appears that they can actually assist fat burning in your body as well as accelerating weight loss over and above diet and exercise alone.

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Fat Burner Supplements

'How Silent Inflammation in the Body
Affects Your Health'

Inflammation in the body is a normal body response to infection or injury. It results in classic signs of inflammation which include redness, pain, swelling, heat and loss of function. However, there is another form of chronic inflammation, 'Silent Inflammation', that doesn't cause pain so it can remain in the body going unnoticed for years and even decades. The effects can be devastating!

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Silent Inflammation

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