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'Fish Oil And Weight Loss', 'Natural Thyroid Treatments' & 'Health Benefits of Fish Oil'
September 15, 2010

Here is the Quick Weight Loss Ezine for September.

Here are my latest articles. I spent the weekend doing some research on fish oil and came across some really interesting information. I hope you do too.

Also, I have included an article from Adrian that I think you'll enjoy.



'Fish Oil And Weight Loss'

It may seem ironic but consuming fish oil does actually assist the body in burning fat for fuel. Even though many people believe that since fish oil is an oil (or fat), then consuming it is likely to result in an increased storage of fat in the body.

However, in actual fact the opposite is true and in this article we will examine the various mechanisms through which fish oil may assist your fat burning and weight-loss efforts.

To read the article, click on the following link:

Fish Oil And Weight Loss

'The Amazing Health Benefits of Fish Oil'

There are so many health benefits of fish oil, some of which havenít even been discovered yet, that make it an essential supplement to use on a daily basis.

Of course, it may be possible to get the health benefits of fish oil by simply eating fish, however, the amounts that are required by the body in order to have a therapeutic effect make it impractical. Therefore, it is much easier to simply consume fish oil in supplemental form.

To discover all the health benefits of fish oil, click on the following link:

The Benefits of Fish Oil

'Natural Thyroid Treatments'

By Adrian Lopresti

Untreated thyroid problems not only make it difficult to lose weight but may also lead to a range of other health problems.

However, there are a range of natural thyroid treatment options. These include both hyperthyroid and hypothyroid natural treatment options targeting areas of nutrition, lifestyle and environmental changes along with (where necessary) natural thyroid extracts.

To find out about these natural thyroid treatments, click on this link:

Natural Thyroid Treatments

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