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Quick Weight Loss E-zine, Issue #006 -- June 2009
June 07, 2009

Here's 7 Reasons Why Most
People Never Get in Great Shape

It is actually very easy for anyone to get in great shape as long as they are willing to do the things that are necessary. Unfortunately though, most people never achieve their physical goals.

The reasons why most people never get in great shape isn't because of a lack of ability or physical impairment but more so because they lack the willingness to modify their lifestyle.

To discover the main reasons why most people never get in great shape,

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The Secrets of Weight Loss

Since I began working in the fitness industry many years ago I have wanted to be able to share the knowledge I have gained with as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, whilst working as a personal trainer I was only able to share the information with one person at a time or at best, small groups of people.

Then I started lecturing at the Australian Institute of Fitness and I was able to share my knowledge with other passionate fitness industry professionals who could then pass on the information to their clients.

At the same time I wrote my book, 'Look Good Feel Great', which explains all the principles I recommend in order to help people lose all the weight they want and get in the best shape of their life!

This book is available from all good book stores throughout the Australia or in digital format on this website (with bonuses).

Currently, I am also able to share my knowledge by writing articles for our health and lifestyle magazine, 'Focus On', which also provides people with proven strategies to help them to successfully lose weight and achieve their physical goals.

I also continue to conduct weight-loss seminars around Australia, and have done for many years, as another way of getting the correct health and weight-loss information out to people.

And now, finally, I have put my weight-loss seminar in a digital format so again, I can share this information with as many people as possible.

I have priced the seminar at a low $9.95 (US)!

If you're not a 'reader' and would prefer to listen to the information or if you're simply an 'information sponge' like me, and want to learn as much as possible about your areas of interest, simply click on the link below to get your copy instantly:

The Secrets of Weight Loss

Coming up in the next issue of
Quick Weight Loss E-zine...

The 10 Major Physiological Dysfunctions That Inhibit Weight Loss

Over the last few months Adrian and I have been researching some of the factors that may be stopping people from losing weight.

The principles I cover on the Quick Weight Loss Principles website and in my book will work for approximately 95% of people.

However, there is a small group of people who appear to do everything right but still don't seem to get the results that we would expect.

As a result, we have narrowed the dysfunctions down to the following 10 areas:

- Digestion
- Nutrient Deficiencies
- Insulin Resistance
- Thyroid
- Adrenals
- Sex Hormones
- Liver Detoxification
- Organic Acids
- Heavy Metals
- Inflammatory Responses

Each of these will be covered in detail by reviewing their causes, symptoms, tests that can identify them and how to overcome the problems associated with them.

Until then, keep eating well, exercising regularly and taking your supplements.

All the best in health,


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