Here is the Best Full Body
Workout Plan For You

The top reasons why beginners
should always use a full body workout routine

The best full body workout plan uses a set criteria in order to ensure you get the best possible results. A full body workout routine is also the best workout for beginners to perform for many reasons.

Here's why:

Trains All Muscle Groups

The best full body workout plan exercises all major muscle groups. Since a full body workout routine is generally performed by beginners, this means a stimulus for muscle growth will occur in all muscle groups as opposed to just a few as is the case when performing a split routine.

Best Full Body Workout

By stimulating all muscle groups, faster results will likely occur. However, it is important to keep in mind that after a few weeks of using this full body workout plan, the body will adapt to it, making it less effective. That is when you should change to a split routine to keep stressing the muscles and forcing adaptations to occur.

Exercises Largest to Smallest Muscle Groups

The best full body workout plan is structured so that you train the largest muscle groups first and then progress to the smaller muscle groups.

The reason why this is so effective is because the smaller muscle groups often act as synergists (assisting muscles) for the larger muscle groups during certain exercises. Therefore, if the smaller muscles are fatigued first, when you perform the exercises for the larger muscle groups later in the workout, those exercises are likely to be less effective.

For example, if you exercises the triceps muscles (muscles on the back of the upper arm) first and later progress to training the chest (pectoral) muscles, you are likely not going to get maximum benefit from certain compound chest exercises like bench press simply because the triceps will already be fatigued.

Therefore, it simply makes sense to train the larger muscle groups first and gradually progress to the smaller muscle groups.

The exception to the rule here is when training abdominals and lower back. Even though these muscle groups aren't the smallest they are used during virtually all other exercises to keep the spine rigid. If these muscle groups are performed earlier in the workout, they are more likely to be fatigued, which will result in an increase risk of injury.

As a result, it best to train abdominals and lower back last in the workout.

Time Efficient Workout

The best full body workout plan should only last about 30 minutes plus warm up and warm down time. Then if you want to perform some cardio after the weight training for additional fat burning benefits, then the overall workout may last for around an hour.

Mind you, the benefits you would get by doing this and the quick results you would achieve certainly may it worthwhile. Of course, the results may be sped up even further if you take a thermogenic just before the workout begins.

Here's why this approach is the best way to lose weight.

The fact is that weight training workouts should not last longer than around 40 minutes if you are training by yourself or around an hour if you are training with a partner.

The total number of sets should be between 12-15 and this may be broken up into many different exercises or few exercises with multiple sets.

Manageable Frequency

Best Full Body Workout

It is recommended that the best full body workout plan is performed 2-3 times a week on non-consecutive days. For example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

By performing the full body workout routine on non-consecutive days means that your body has an opportunity to recover between each training session. This means not only can the muscles recover but more importantly, the nervous system as well.

Oftentimes when people perform split routines, i.e. training different muscle groups on different days, they believe that they have plenty of time to recover between workouts because they may only be training a single muscle group once a week. However, it not just their muscles that get worked but also their nervous system.

Since they are training every day their nervous system doesn't get a chance to recover even though their muscles might. This may lead to over-training, which impairs their results.

Few Exercises Per Muscle Group

The best full body workout plan should only offer 1-2 exercises per muscle group. There are several reasons for this. By doing so, it is easier for beginners to learn the correct technique without being overwhelmed.

Plus, a fewer number of exercises means there is less likely to be extreme muscle soreness post-exercise.

If a beginner performs a split routine, which means they perform multiple sets on multiple exercises, there is likely to be much greater breakdown of the targeted muscle fibres resulting in far more severe delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

This may result in the person having an intense disliking for this form of exercise and a far greater likelihood of stopping it altogether. Of course, even the best full body workout plan may causes some degree of muscle soreness but it will only be mild and most people 'like' this feeling because they know they have done something good for their body.

Emphasis of Machines

Machine exercises should be emphasised more when performing a full body workout routine simply because beginners will find it much easier to master the exercise compared to if free weights were used.

In saying this though, it is worthwhile doing some free weight exercises because they require more stabilisation of the body and body part during the performance of the movement which brings a greater number of muscles into play. These exercises also use the 'stabilising' muscles, i.e. core muscles and in some cases antagonist (opposing) muscles as well as 'synergists' (smaller, assisting muscles).

No Training to Failure or Using ATOs

The best full body workout plan doesn't require training to failure or use of advanced techniques of overload (ATOs). Training to failure and using ATOs simply increases the intensity of the exercise being performed and whilst this is essential for advanced trainers who need to keep stimulating their muscles, beginners are so unaccustomed to the exercise that even a small amount of exercise will provide them with the benefits they desire.

This means that there is no need to train hard in order to get results when performing the best full body workout plan. You simply need to work the muscles, learn the correct form and technique and perform the workout consistently to create the exercise habit. After a few weeks you can then increase the intensity of the exercise by training to failure and using ATOs.

Here is the best full body workout plan
using the criteria that have been mentioned here:

Leg Press
Seated Row
Lat Pulldowns
Chest Press
Dumbbell Flye
Shoulder Press
Lateral Raise
Barbell Curls
Tricep Extension
Reverse Crunches

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