Matter of Fact Advice

by Brendan
(Traralgon, Australia)

I find the style of the writing very matter of fact, and it doesn't treat the reader like an idiot.

So many sites just want to push their pills, potions or meal substitutes - paying only lip-service to dietary advice.

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Nov 06, 2010
by: Steve

Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your comments and feedback mate.

I agree. There are far too many sites out there that simply push products whether the products are supplements, equipment or information and provide very little real content for the visitor.

I'm the first person to admit that I am part-owner in a supplement company and the main goal of our business (or any business) is to make sales. Without sales you don't have a business!

However, Adrian and I both agreed from the start that we would build our company on a solid foundation of quality, trust and integrity, and now, after almost 6 years, business has never been better!

At the same time, my goal with this site it to provide quality information to my visitors. By doing so, they are more likely to come back, tell their friends about it and maybe, at some stage in the future, buy from me. However, selling products is not the main goal of this site.

The bottom line is this: I enjoy writing about my passion, which is health and fitness. It is the only industry I have been in for the last 20 years! I find writing relaxing, I enjoy researching different aspects of health and fitness and of course, I enjoy having the opportunity to share the information with others.

Brendan, I wish you all the very best with achieving your physical goals and I hope you continue to visit my site on a regular basis.



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Finally Getting Results!

by Diana

I need to lose approximately 40kg in all, but until I found your informative and supportive website, I had given up all hope of losing ANY weight, let alone such a large amount, but I have now lost nearly 10kg.

I've now found a renewed faith in myself and am optimistic that I can eventually reach my target weight.

With deep appreciation...


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Feb 25, 2012
dramatic weight loss
by: Steve

That is fantastic news Diana! Congratulations on your weight loss so far.

Thanks also for your feedback on the site. I'm really pleased that you found the information useful.

I wish you the greatest success with continuing on your journey and achieving your weight-loss goal!



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by Jane
(Western Australia )

Hi there,

After hours of searching online I have finally found a site that tells me not only what to eat to reverse insulin resistance but why.

I'm one of those people that unless I understand the reasons why I am eating what is advised and excluding other foods then I give in.

I have had PCOS for years, infertility, prolactinomas, meningiomas ( brain tmours) and thyroid goitre and this year was hospitalised in ICU for irregular heart rhythm.

I have finally woken up to my decline in health after my son asked me to swim with him at the pool and I have to make up another excuse. Truth being I hate wearing a swim costume. I'm not that overweight, well I'm 90 kg but I'm 5' 9", and wear a size 16. However, I feel gross, my legs rub together, my back wobbles and I struggle to put socks on!!!!

We moved to Western Australia this year for a more outdoor life and yet I shun it as my weight rules everything.

I am at the pool now watching my son play and have promised myself that by Christmas I will be in there with him feeling great. I am making notes from your articles and you have shown me that I don't have to starve (only this morning went out and bought a tub of yucky chocolate powder to live off and starve).

Now I can enjoy crunchy broccoli with avo dip, can I have cream cheese ( low fat )?

I met my hubbie 9 yrs ago 30 kg lighter and am determined to reverse the insulin resistance, get off my medications and start living my life. I'm 37 and hope to have a much happier 38 by getting moving and living my life with my beautiful son and husband.

Thank god for people like you that learn this info and share it with others. Your site is brilliant and I will be printing your articles and putting them up on my mirror to keep me focused.

Thank you, thank you!

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Oct 12, 2012
Losing weight with PCOS
by: Steve

Hi Jane,

Thanks for taking the time to provide me with your feedback. It is emails from people like you that motivate me to spend time researching and writing on the topic of weight loss.

I sincerely hope the information on my site helps you achieve your weight-loss goal.

With regards to your question about eating low-fat cream cheese with broccoli, I suggest avoiding doing so until you achieve your goal weight. My reason for saying this is simply because cream cheese, even if it is low fat, is too high in carbs. When you have PCOS you really need to limit your carb intake to less than 50 grams a day.

Furthermore, it is worthwhile minimising, or avoiding entirely, all dairy products and grain foods until you reach your goal weight. I discuss the impact these foods have on your body throughout the website and especially when you have PCOS you need to be extra vigilant.

Another reason why I suggest avoiding it is because dips are the type of food that you can eat continuously over an extended period of time. I strongly suggest only having set meal times with controlled portions, even if they are frequent, and avoid eating foods that encourage continuous eating throughout the day.

I know that some weight-loss recommendations suggest 'grazing' throughout the day but I believe that approach makes it too hard to control your overall calorie intake.

Finally, if you don't like using protein shakes then don't have them. Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and you shouldn't need to force yourself to eat foods you don't enjoy.

A great weight-loss diet is featured on this site:

I have used this diet with great success over the years and I guarantee you will find it helpful in losing weight very quickly, especially if you combine it with some exercise.

Once again Jane, thanks for taking the time to comment on my article and provide your feedback on the website and I wish you the greatest success with achieving your goals!



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