How To Identify The Best Weight Loss Supplement For YOU!

In this article we will cover how you can identify the best weight loss supplement (fat burning supplement), what are the top fat burners and how to identify the best fat burner supplement for you!

In order to be able to identify the top fat burners, as well as the best fat burner supplement for you, firstly you need to know a bit about what fat burners (thermogenics) are, how they work, in addition to the current disputes in the fitness industry about their effectiveness.

What Are Fat Burners?

Often thermogenics get a bad reputation because they are promoted by dubious companies as being 'Magic Pills'! They give people the impression that by taking a particular fat burning supplement, users can make the fat magically disappears from their stomach, hips and thighs.

Best Weight Loss Supplement

Furthermore, some marketers have people believing that they can take a few of their 'top fat burners' and wake up the next day with a flat stomach without having to do anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This results in all thermogenics being given a bad reputation even though some companies do try to provide consumers with realistic expectations of the results they can achieve when using them.

The best weight loss supplement (fat burning supplement) is one that is beneficial in accelerating the fat-burning process in the body; they are a 'weight-loss catalyst'.

However, they should always be used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled nutritional plan and a suitable exercise program in order to create the necessary calorie deficit in the body and therefore achieve the desired weight-loss.

How The Best Weight Loss Supplement Works...

The fact is, if a calorie/ energy deficit is not created, no matter whether the best weight loss supplement is used or not, weight loss will not be achieved.

Thermogenics increase the body's calorie/ energy expenditure, boost energy and also force the fat cells to release stored body fat into the blood stream so the body can use it a fuel source.

That is how the top fat burners / thermogenics can assist users in losing weight.

However, despite these benefits, there are many others factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best weight loss supplement. These other considerations are as important if not more so.

Potential Side Effects To Be Aware of...

When you are looking for the best weight loss supplement (fat burning supplement) for you, one of the major considerations is the potential side effects of fat burners.

Since they are designed to increase calorie/ energy expenditure, the way they achieve this goal is important. Some thermogenic products on the market are simply 'glorified caffeine pills' whereby they contain excessive amounts of caffeine and 'token' doses of all the other ingredients.

This is a very cheap and highly profitably way to make a fat burning supplement and is done by some of the world's best-known supplement brands!

These products are easily identified when you examine the label. They have a long list of ingredients to make it look like they are the best fat burning supplement on the market when in fact, the levels of the ingredients (apart from the caffeine) are in such small amounts that they will not have any noticeable benefit to the user.

This is probably the main reason why many well-known people in the health and fitness industry consider using a fat burning supplement to be a complete waste of time!

However, the best weight loss supplement (fat burning supplement) is not a 'glorified caffeine pill!'

Furthermore, simply loading a product with caffeine means that the effectiveness of the product will be reduced significantly in a relatively short period of time because the body will quickly 'down-regulate' the receptors on the nervous system to the effects of the caffeine.

What The Best
Fat Burning Supplements Look Like...

This is noticeable by users of products that are 'caffeine dominant'. The best weight loss supplement should not contain excessive levels of caffeine.

The top fat burners must have a more balanced 'thermogenic profile'. This means it contains a wider range of thermogenic herbs in therapeutic dosages and that different receptors on the nervous system will be targeted resulting in a longer lasting effect.

It is also important to consider the source of the caffeine when discussing the side effects of a fat burning supplement. Thermogenics that contain pure / synthetic caffeine have a more intense but short stimulatory effect on the nervous system compared to herbal sources of caffeine, which have a less intense but more sustained stimulatory effect on the nervous system.

As a result of taking a fat burning supplement containing synthetic caffeine, an 'energy slump' occurs once the thermogenic effects wear off.

On the other hand, a herbal fat burner supplement that contains caffeine tends not to give users the 'energy slump' and provides users with a longer-lasting energy boost.

Who Should Avoid Using Thermogenics...

Since fat burners stimulate different receptors on the sympathetic and central nervous systems, they should not be used by the following groups of people:

  • High blood pressure

  • Blood pressure medication

  • Pregnant women

  • Nursing women

  • Over 65 years of age

  • Under 18 years of age

  • Where Has The Fat Burner Been Manufactured?

    Another major consideration of the best weight loss supplement (fat burning supplement) is their source of manufacture. Products made in the United States are not regulated. Therefore, it is easy for some companies to produce products that do not contain the levels of ingredients that are stated on the label.

    In Australia, however, the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) regulates all products that make label claims. In order for a product to receive an 'AUST L' number, it must conform to all the requirement of the TGA.

    These include:

  • Being manufactured at a 'GMP approved' plant (Good Manufacturing Practices).

  • Requiring rigorous testing to ensure that all levels of ingredients stated on the label are supplied in the product.

  • Ensuring that levels of certain ingredients do not exceed maximum limits.

  • All claims being made on the label are true and correct based on scientific evidence.

  • Overall, when considering using a thermogenic (fat burning supplement), examine the product with reference to the areas discussed here. Do not simply use a product based on marketing hype!

    Some companies spend millions of dollars on product endorsement from professional athletes and fitness models, glossy ads and advertorials in magazines, graphic designs of packaging and compelling brochures.

    All of this is designed to distract you from the truth about what it takes to create the best fat burner supplement. Plus, someone has to pay for all the marketing and of course, it is the consumer, you!

    Disregard all of the hype surrounding fat burning supplements and make an objective decision based on the cold, hard facts! That way you are sure to make the right decision as well as to ensure you get the best results from your fat burning supplement.

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