Here Are The
7 Best Chest Exercises For Women

The best chest exercises for women to perform involve using all the actions/ functions of the chest muscle in the workout. The chest toning exercises that we will cover here will help you get amazing results!

Best chest exercises
It is important to include a number of compound chest exercises during every chest workout. Some examples of these exercises are: cable crossover-presses, parallel bar dips, bench press, decline press and incline press. They are said to be compound exercises because they all involve movement around more than one joint (shoulder and elbow). Each of these exercises involve the pecs as the major muscle group (prime mover/ agonist), along with the shoulders (delts) and triceps as the the assisting muscles (synergists).

Chest Exercises

How to target different parts of the chest
The incline press emphasise the upper fibres of the pecs, the bench press emphasises the middle fibres and the decline press, parallel bar dips and cable crossover-presses emphasise the lower fibres.

Beginners vs. advanced trainers
Beginners should emphasise more machine exercises because they don't require as much balance and stabilisation compared to the free weight exercises. This makes the correct technique much easier for them to master.

Once they feel comfortable with the machine exercises then they should progress to the free weight exercises with a gradual progression to more challenging exercises, i.e. progressing to the barbell bench press from the machine press.

In saying this though, if you keep finding more ways to make exercises more challenging there is a point where the emphasis is taken away from the muscles being targeted and is put more towards stabilisation by incorporating more of the 'core' muscles. This generally occurs when this swiss ball is used. Therefore, if your goal is to use the best chest exercises for women, stick with lying on a bench only.

This means that, more of the 'neural drive' (stimulated nerves) is used for innervating the pecs instead of some of the 'neural drive' being used for stabilising the body by stimulating the core muscles.

Correct technique for performing chest exercises
Furthermore, when you're performing chest exercises on a bench make sure your feet are placed flat on the floor, arcg your back as much as possible and retract your scapula together.

By keeping this body position during the performance of the chest exercises you will reduce your risk of injury quite dramatically!

Benefits of isolation chest exercises
When performing the isolation movements for chest (pec dec, dumbbell flye, cable crossover) you should always try to stretch the muscle as much as possible during the bottom position. By doing so will break the muscle fibres down more and further stimulate muscle growth. Keep in mind that this does NOT mean the muscles will actually grow. However, the stimulus is so important.

Safety points
Another important technical point when performing the best chest exercises for women is to ensure that the elbows stay in a fixed position. It is so important to keep this in mind simply because if the upper arm rotates externally it will put a greater amount of stress on the rotator cuff muscles.

Range of motion
On all exercises it is always best to work through the longest range of motion possible. However, on certain exercises like the dumbbell flye, it is not necessary to go through the full range of motion. This reason is because once the dumbbells are in a position directly above the shoulder joint there is no horizontal distance between the resistance (weight) and the active fulcrum (shoulder). This means there is no stress being placed on the muscles and the muscles are able to rest momentarily.

Ideally, by stopping just before this point the resistance remains on the muscles, increasing the intensity of the exercise and maximising the benefits of the exercise.

Here are the best chest exercises for women:

  • Decline press

  • Incline press

  • Bench press

  • Pec Dec

  • Dumbell flye

  • Cable crossover

  • Cable crossover-press

  • Dips
  • By incorporating these exercises chest toning exercises into your workout routine in combination with the technical aspects described here you will certainly get great results!

    These exercises certainly are the best chest exercises for women to perform!

    For more detailed information on how to perform these exercises correctly, I recommend getting a copy of Weight Lifting For Beginners.

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