The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet Review

The Chocolate Weight Loss Diet Review

Being on a 'Chocolate Diet' seems like it would be a dream come true for many people! As a result, the clever marketing people from Aminoactive (the makers of Max's bodybuilding products) have brought out The Chocolate Diet!

It seems that Aminoactive have created some sort of affiliation between themselves and the authors of a book by the same name (The Chocolate Diet). Of course, the book has been written by a couple of doctors, Dr. John Ashton and Dr. Lily Stojanovska, giving added credibility (whether warrented or not) to the diet.

It seems that any time a 'doctor' recommends a product it is given far more credibility. Think of a well-known TV doctor as an example, and who sometimes promotes products that really don't have solid science to back them up!

In this article we will objectively review The Chocolate Diet, comparing it to other diets on the market, and will consider the positive and negative aspects of this approach to weight loss.

How does The Chocolate Diet Work?

The Chocolate Diet allows a piece of chocloate, not a block!

Since The Chocolate Diet program has been developed by Aminoactive, it is interesting to note the similarities between this approach and the approach bodybuilders and fitness people use. For example, The Chocolate Diet recommends 6 meals a day as opposed to the usual 3 that most people have. While the recommendation to have smaller, more frequent meals has been a standard recommendation in the fitness industry for decades (as discussed here), more recent research has yet to show any significant benefit in consuming more frequent meals with regards to fat loss/ weight loss, or metabolic rate. This is discussed in the article titled, Is Eating 5 or 6 Small Meals a Day Better For Fat Loss Compared to 3 Meals?

Despite this, the meal recommendations appear to be very good, even if they are quite simplistic. It suggests eating protein foods, along with non-starchy vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy in moderation. It recommends avoiding sugary and starchy foods, but does allow tea, coffee, and the occasional glass of wine. It really is a standard bodybuilding/ fitness diet with a few modifications to make it more sustainable for the 'average' person.

In order to fit in the 6 meals a day, the diet suggests having two chocolate shakes, which are provided in the pack, one substantial meal (perhaps dinner), two lighter meals, and a chocolate treat, which is also provided in the pack. The pack also contains a program guide.

Criticisms of The Chocolate Diet:

'Gimmicky' name

The Chocolate Diet name itself sounds 'gimmicky' due to its contradictory nature; chocolate and diet tend to be mutually exclusive concepts. However, it certainly does evoke interest and curiosity and is likely to be picked up as a news story by one of the questionable evening current affairs programs here in Australia.

The name also gives people the impression that they can eat a significant quantity of chocolate and still lose weight. However, the fact is that the amount of chcocolate they can have is quite small.

Unsubstantiated claims

The biggest flaw with the diet is some of the claims they make regarding its effectiveness.

The Chocolate Diet claims to be able to boost your metabolism, stimulate fat burning, and keep your feeling satisfied all day long. Apparently all this is achieved by more frequent eating. However, a review of the scientific research does not support this claim (mentioned earlier)!

It also claims that consuming 25 grams of high polyphenol cocoa is an effective aid to weight management. Again, there is no solid eveidence to support this. In fact, one study shows that there is no impact on body weight or BMI by consuming high-flavonoid dark chocolate!1 Plus, it is highly likely that the subjects in this study consumed far more polyphenols per day than someone would on The Chocolate Diet! They even state that this is the basis of the Chocolate Diet!

Part of the weight-loss claim may result from another study that showed that cocoa extract could inhibit the digestive enzymes involved in fat metabolism.2 However, that certainly doesn't prove that it promotes weight loss. Another study did show that cocoa may inhibit high-fat diet induced obesity.3 This again doesn't prove it supports weight loss. Plus, the study was done with rats, not humans!

It claims that the red grape skin extract affects the ways your body processes fats. Again, there is no research to support this claim. While grape skin may have some antioxidant properties, the amount contained in their shakes is minimal at best! Stick with a glass of red wine instead if you want more antioxiants from red grapes!

The diet also claims threonine (an amino acid contained in many every-day foods as well as their cocoa) boosts metabolism. Again, no research. However, they may have got threonine mixed up with theobromine, a compound in cocoa, that may boost metabolism when consumed in therapeutic amounts, but not likely to be in therapeutic amounts in The Chocolate Diet.

Suggests having the shake as a hot drink

One of the positive aspects of The Chocolate Diet is that it uses whey protein in its shakes. However, it is well-known that the valuable peptides (chains of amino acids) in whey protein do not tolerate heat well. In fact, heating the peptide causes them to become 'de-natured'.

Therefore, suggesting people have their shakes as a hot drink is incorrect.

Purchasing the program is not essential

In order to follow the principles outlined in the program it is not necessary to buy the program itelf! You can simply visit your local health food store and purchase a tub of chocolate flavoured whey protein powder, which works out much cheaper than buying sachets and have that instead of the pre-packages chocolate-flavoured sachets in the program.

You can also purchase some high-polyphenol dark chocolate from the supermarket and allow yourself one square a day. Then, simply follow the same food plan as suggested (i.e. high protein foods, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, and a moderate amount of low-fat dairy foods) and you are on The Chocolate Diet at a fraction of the cost!

Benefits of The Chocolate Diet:

Is the Chocolate Diet too good to be true?

Even though there are several major criticisms of The Chocolate Diet, it is not all bad. In fact, it does have some quite positive qualities that really does set it apart from many other diets on the market today.

It uses whey protein

Most of the sachet-based diets on the market use skim milk powder or milk protein isolate as their protein source. These are inferior quality protein sources when compared to whey protein.

Reduces high-sugar and high-carbohydrate foods

One of the biggest problems some people have when they go on a conventional, low-fat diet is that they consume too much carbohydrate. This results in surges of blood sugar, resulting in insulin being secreted from the pancreas. High insulin levels stop the body from burning fat effectively.

Easy to follow

The Chocolate Diet is a very simple diet, making it easy for most people to follow and stick to long term. It recommends eating normal, every-day foods, uses protein shakes to help with increasing the meal frequency, and allows a small chocolate indulgence each day. This ensures that it appeals to a wide audience.

Overall, The Chocolate Diet is better than virtually all of the shake diets on the market and offers some good principles to follow. However, its unsubstantiated claims along with the fact that it is not necessary to buy the program in order to follow it, means you should keep your money in your pocket when it comes to following The Chocolate Diet.

If you would like to discover all the principles you need to finally lose weight and get in the best shape of your life, then please read: Look Good, Feel Great!

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