Here Are The
Curcumin Benefits For You!

By Dr. Adrian Lopresti

There are so many curcumin benefits and as more research is conducted on this amazing compound (derived from the herb, turmeric) there will be even more health benefits becoming known.

Curcumin has been shown to have profound benefits in improving health and treating a range of diseases associated with inflammation in the body as well as degeneration. Several studies have now confirmed that it has the potential to improve diseases such as osteoarthritis, digestive problems, eye diseases, skin disorders, and conditions associated with poor blood circulation.

A recent human trial has also shown that it can prevent the development of diabetes in 'pre-diabetic' patients and research in Australia is currently underway investigating its ability to prevent dementia and treat depression.

Curcumin Benefits

The major problem with most curcumin supplements

Most excitement about the curcumin benefits is derived from in vitro studies (studies on cells outside the body) which showed that it had dramatic effects in combatting many biochemical processes associated with a range of diseases. However, this was soon met with frustration and disappointment after it was discovered that in humans standard curcumin was poorly absorbed through the gut. This proved to be a major barrier, as curcumin needs to be absorbed into the bloodstream via the digestive tract to do most of its work.

A method to improve curcumin absorption, found!

Researchers therefore promptly searched for ways to improve the absorption of curcumin and create an effective and highly absorbable curcumin supplement. After intensive research, scientists at Indena, a leading pharmaceutical and natural compound company in Italy, finally found a method to achieve this. Through a method known as Phytosome(R) technology, Indena was able to greatly increase the absorption of curcumin. This unique form of curcumin is named 'Meriva(R)', a highly absorbable, patented delivery form of curcumin utilising Indena's proprietary Phytosome technology. It is arguably one of the most effective curcumin supplements on the market today!

Scientific studies prove Meriva's(R) effectiveness

Studies on Meriva(R) (contained in BCN's InflammaCALM) have shown it has far superior absorption than standard curcumin or other curcumin supplements thereby enhancing its potential effectiveness in treating disease. Also, because of its improved absorption, its benefits can be achieved through far lower dosages than standard curcumin.

For example, in a human study comparing the absorption of standard curcumin with Meriva, participants consumed either Meriva or standard curcumin and then had their blood collected over a 24-hour period[1].

Curcumin Benefits Table

The researchers found that blood levels of curcumin were 27 to 31 times higher (depending on dosage) when taking curcumin from Meriva(R), compared to consuming it from a standard curcumin compound!

A component of curcumin known as demethoxycurcumin, which has potent anti-inflammatory properties was remarkably found to be absorbed 50 to 60 times higher. The researchers concluded that improved absorption underlies the potential of Meriva(R) to be clinically effective at doses significantly lower than unformulated curcuminoid mixtures.

This prompted researchers to investigate the ability of this patented curcumin supplement to treat a range of medical conditions. So far studies have shown that Meriva(R) is effective in treating symptoms associated with osteoarthritis[2,3], eye disease (central serous chorioretinopathy and chronic anterior uveitis)[4], and blood vessel disease associated with diabetes (diabetic microangiopathy)[5].

The curcumin benefits associated with Meriva(R) was also studied in people suffering from osteoarthritis[3]. Patients were randomly divided into one of two groups. Participants in group 1 were supplemented with Meriva(R) twice daily AND also provided with standard treatment. Those in group 2 received standard treatment ONLY. Standard treatment was based on best practice guidelines defined by the patient's general practitioner. The results are indicated in the graph below.

Curcumin Benefits Graph

After 3 months, outcomes in the two groups were compared. The results showed significant improvements for the Meriva(R) supplemented group in walking performance, painkiller use, and gastrointestinal complaints. These improvements were far greater than those achieved from standard treatment alone.

A larger follow-up study[2] provided further confirmation for the curcumin benefits of Meriva(R) in the treatment of osteoarthritis. In this 8-month study, participants taking Meriva(R) again experienced significantly greater improvements in the treadmill walking test and in reported levels of pain, mood and mobility (compared to people receiving standard treatment alone). In this study, blood samples were also collected to assess changes in inflammation over time. Again, significant reductions in inflammation in the body were experienced in those taking Meriva(R). Patients receiving standard treatment experienced no improvements in blood measures of inflammation in the body.

Only use the best curcumin supplements!

With the interest in curcumin increasing dramatically over the last few years, it is important to consider the quality of curcumin supplements. Whilst there are many health benefits of turmeric and curcumin that have the potential to treat a range of health problems, not all curcumin products are the same.

No other curcumin/ turmeric product has had the same extensive research conducted on it like Meriva(R) has. [Contained in BCN's InflammaCALM, along with the potent health-enhancing effects of green tea].

Therefore, if you want to get the very best benefits offered by this amazing herb, especially if you suffer from some form of arthritis or other inflammatory condition, then BCN's InflammaCALM should be your only choice!


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