Using These
Fast Weight Loss Tips...

YOU Can Lose up to 10 kgs in 28 Days!

Here are some fast weight loss tips that can have you losing an amazing amount of weight in as little as 28 days! These are some of the principles used by personal trainers and fitness competitors in order to achieve eye-popping leanness!

Since these strategies help fitness competitors and bodybuilders achieve an extremely low level of body fat, just imagine what impact they could have on your weight-loss efforts!So if you're desperate to lose weight fast, try some of the strategies covered here.

Fast Weight Loss Tips

The fast weight loss tips listed in this article are easy for anyone to incorporate into their lifestyle, however, they do require a high degree of commitment and discipline. Nevertheless, if you're willing to do what is required, then you will be pleasantly surprised with the amazing results you achieve in 28 days!

After completing the 28-day challenge you will be able to maintain the results just as long as you maintain the principles. Of course, there's no need to follow the principles you used exactly as you've done them in the challenge, just use them as best you can thereafter.

Keep in mind though, you can't go back to your previous lifestyle habits prior to the 28-day challenge without your body return to its previous condition as well.

If your goal is to lose weiight as quickly as possible then you must use all of the fast weight loss tips covered here exactly as they're recommended. It is only 28 days so you must discipline yourself to perform all of the principles.

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips 1:
Have small, frequent meals.

Often when people want to lose weight they will skip meals. It may seem ironic but having more meals it actually a fat beeter way to go simply becauase doesn't have to invoke its 'Anti-Starvation response'.

It is amazing how many people are overweight simply because they only eat once or twice a day!

There is no doubt that reducing your overall calorie intake is beneficial for assisting your weight-loss efforts, but trying to starve yourself by skipping meals or extreme calorie reduction simply doesn't work as a long-term strategy.

If someone does use the approach of skipping meals or extreme starvation their body will invooke a whole range of mechanisms in order to minimise the impact it has. Some of these mechanisms include: slowing the metabolism down, increasing cortisol output (which breaks down muscle tissue), increasing appetite, and increasing the body's production of fat-storing enzymes.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 2:
Have a portion of protein with every meal.

Consuming a portion of protein regularly throughout the day ensures a constant supply of amino acids to the body. This keeps the metabolism elevated and prevents catabolism.

Many people find it easier to get the protein their body needs every 2-3 hours by simply having 3 whole-food meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then having protein/ meal replacement shakes for their mid-morning or mid-afternoon meals.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 3:
Reduce your consumption of of high-density carbohydrates.

Avoiding altogether or at least minimising your intake of the high-density carbs (bread, pasta, rice cereals, sauces, jams, etc.) for the 28-day challenge will go a long way in helping you lose weight fast!

These foods tend to cause a significant rise in your blood sugar level, which induces a corresponding insulin spike. Insulin has the effect of stopping the fat-burning process in the body.

Therefore, in order to maximise fat loss, insulin must bbe kept to a minimum and the best way to do that is by avoiding the high-density carbs as much as possible.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 4: Don't have a Treat Day.

In order to get an exception result within 28 days it is best not to have a 'Treat Day'. This means you must following the nutritional plan as closely as you possibly can without straying at all.

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Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tip 5:
Perform 20-30 minutes of cardio (aerobic exercise) every morning and every night.

I understand that 2 cardio sessions a day is not easy but if you want to get the best possible results in 28 days then you must be willing to what is required, and regular aerobic exercise is essential!

Always keep in mind that cardio means that you increase your heart rate, your breathing rate and you start to sweat. performing chores around the house or walking around a shopping centre doesn't count!

Here's some types of cardio that you may like to consider performing on a regular basis: boxing, running, cycling, using a stepper or cross trainer, or participating in one of the countless varieties of aerobic classes!

Fast Weight Loss Tip 6:
Don't consume anything (except water) for 20-30 minutes after exercise.

After your exercise session your metabolism remains elevated for quite some time. Therefore, by waiting 20-30 minutes after the completion of the session your body will keep burning body fat.

If, on the other hand, you eat or drink something after the session (except for water) your blood insulin will rise and this will stop your body's fat burning ability.

Fast Weight Loss Tip 7:
Lift weights 2-4 times a week.

Performing a regular resistance exercise program is one of the best ways to lose weight fast!

The purpose of lifting weights when you want to lose weight is to simply maintain your existing muscle mass or perhaps increase it slightly.

If you don't perform a regular weight-training session then your body will indiscriminantly lose both fat and precious muscle tissue as you lose weight.

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Tips 8:
Use a 'thermogenic' (fat burner).

There are many useful fat burners (thermogenics) on the market that can help you achieve your weight-loss goal faster. However, it is important to keep in mind that they are not 'magic pills' and can only offer limited results. XLR8 Thermogenic by BCN is a good example.

Follow the recommendations on the label when using fat burners and always obtain approval from your doctor first prior to using them.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 9:
Use Glucose Disposal Agents (GDAs).

Glucose disposal agents help to stabilise your blood sugar level by disposing of glucose and other nutrients from your blood stream. This means insulin can stay low and you can access and utilise fat as a fuel source more effectively.

GDAs may also be useful at helping you avoid food cravings since they have the effect of keeping your blood glucose stable.

MultiSpice by BCN contains some very effective glucose disposal agents (GDAs) including: cinnamon, ginger and turmeric.

Fast Weight Loss Tips 10:
Use a thyroid-support supplement.

In order to lose 10kgs in 28 days it is essential that you follow a calorie-controlled nutritional plan. The only drawback of doing this is that your body will slow down it's metabolism in order to compensate for the reduction in calories. It does this by reducing the output of thyroid hormones, which control cellular metabolism.

Research has shown that if you supplement your diet with specific nutrients like selenium, iodine, tyrosine (as well as several others) your body will actually up-regulate thyroid function even in people with normally functioning thyroid glands. This may prevent the calorie-induced metabolic slowdown from occurring. BCN's Thyron is a fantastic thyroid and adrenal-support formula.

Losing 10kgs in 28 days is certainly possible if you discipline yourself to use all the fast weight loss tips mentioned here exactly as outlined. Plus, the discipline you create to help you achieve your physical goal will have a 'carry-over benefit' to other areas of your life as well. Try it yourself and prepare to be amazed by the results you will achieve!

If you would like to discover all of the fast weight loss tips, get a copy of my e-book, Look Good Feel Great it contains every single fast weight loss tip you need to lose weight quickly easily and safely.

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