Here's a List of Fat Burning Foods
to Include in Your Diet Every Day!

There are several categories of fat burning foods and when you add them to your current diet, you will be able to accelerate your fat-burning and weight-loss efforts dramatically!

In this article we will discuss the different categories and give you a list of of fat burning/ weight loss foods that fit into each category.

Here are the categories of fat burning foods:

Fat Burning Foods
  • Metabolism-boosting foods

  • Muscle-building/ preserving foods

  • Whole foods
  • We will cover each the these groups of foods that burn fat individually.

    Metabolism-boosting foods

    The first group of fat burning foods that we'll cover are the metabolism-boosting foods. This group includes any food that stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) as well as any food that improves the metabolic processes within the body or cells.

    Here's a list of fat burning foods that may assist your weight loss efforts by stimulating the CNS:

  • Coffee, coffee arabica, guarana, kola nut or another caffeine source

  • Green tea

  • Cayenne

  • Chili pepper (capsaicum)

  • Mustard

  • By stimulating the CNS, these foods increase the amount of calories being burnt by the body. They also force the fat cells to release stored fat into the blood stream so the body can use it as a fuel source.

    Not only are these foods good to include in your diet in order to help boost your metabolism, but they are also found in highly concentrated forms in supplements like, XLR8 Thermogenic.

    Of course, thermogenics (fat burners) are not magic pills but they may assist you in burning fat off faster.

    Here's a list of fat burning foods that may boost your metabolism by improving the metabolic efficiency of your body/ body cells:

  • Fish, flax seed, or their equivalent oils
  • These are both very good sources of omega-3. There are so many benefits of fish oil that it is definitely worthwhile adding fish to your diet if you don't eat it already or using a fish oil supplement. The weight loss benefits of fish oil are quite significant and it is marginally superior to flax seed oil from a health and weight loss perspective simply because it contains EPA and DHA, which are long-chain fatty acids.

    Flax seed oil doesn't contain these fatty acids and therefore the body must convert the medium-length chain fatty acids into the long-chain fatty acids and this process isn't very efficient.

  • Nuts, seeds, avocado, olives and their equivalent oils
  • These are good sources of essential fatty acids as well. These tend to provide more omega-6 than omega-3.

    Nevertheless, both omega-6 and omega-3 are beneficial in helping your body burn more fat simply because they become a component of your cell membranes. This metabolism-boosting effect of essential fatty acids is discussed in more detail in the article titled, Benefits of Fish Oil.

    Muscle-building/ preserving foods

    The best fat burning foods that help to build or at the very least, preserve muscle, are the lean protein sources. This list of fat burning foods includes:

  • Chicken or turkey breast

  • Game meats (kangaroo, venison, elk, etc.)

  • Bison, buffalo

  • Lean red meat (particularly top side or fillet)

  • Almost all types of fish

  • Seafood

  • Eggs and egg whites

  • Skim cottage cheese

  • These lean protein sources are great to include in your diet on a regular basis. There is no need to consume them in large quantities, but by simply making an effort to eat them in small quantities regularly, you will make a massive difference in your body's ability to burn fat and lose weight fast!

    High protein foods - fat burning foods

    There are a number of ways through which these foods can help you burn fat faster. Firstly, by simply providing amino acids to your body, they provide the building blocks it needs in order to build or at least maintain muscle. By building or maintaining your muscle mass you can increase or at least keep your metabolism elevated because muscle is one of the most metabolically-active tissues in the body.

    Another mechanism through which lean protein sources can be considered weight loss foods is because of the impact they have on the Thermic Effect of Eating (TEE). TEE is the energy (calories) that is required in order to digest and absorb certain foods.

    Protein has the highest TEE of all food sources. Therefore, by including them in your diet on a regular basis you can boost your metabolism and assist your weight loss efforts.

    Whole foods

    Whole foods in general may also be classified as fat burning foods. This is because they require energy to be used up in the digestion and absorption processes. Again, this the Thermic Effect of Eating (TEE).

    This is also one reason why the shakes diets are a waste of time. Since the shakes are in a pre-digested form, less energy is required by the body in order to digest and absorb the nutrients from the shakes.

    This isn't to say that shakes aren't beneficial, they are great as an occasional snack and in particular as a post-workout meal/ snack, but basing a diet on shakes is simply wrong!

    The human body has been designed to eat food! So make sure you include whole foods in your diet every day. This will help to keep your metabolism elevated and will also assist your weight loss efforts dramatically!

    If you would like to find out more information about the very best weight loss principles to help you burn off fat and get in the best shape of your life, then I suggest getting a copy of my e-book, Look Good, Feel Great!

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