Fish Oil and Weight Loss

It may seem ironic but consuming fish oil does actually assist the body in burning fat for fuel. This of course, is only one of the many health benefits of fish oil.

Even though many people believe that since fish oil is an oil (or fat), then consuming it is likely to result in an increased storage of fat in the body.

However, in actual fact the opposite is true and in this article we will examine the various mechanisms through which fish oil may assist your fat-burning and weight-loss efforts.

Fish Oil and Weight Loss

How fish oil can help promote
weight loss in your body:

Cell membrane 'fluidity' is increased

Since our body's cell membranes are composed of fats (they're made of phospholipids), fish oils, which contain omega-3 fatty acids may become part of our cells.

Along the membranes of all our body cells are protein pumps and channels. They serve an important function in transporting nutrients into cells and wastes out of cells. The protein pumps and channels are made up of omega-3s and protein, whereby the double bonds from the omega-3s hold the proteins in place. Without sufficient omega-3s in your diet there will be fewer of these protein pumps and channels along your cell membranes. Therefore, the process of nutrient and waste transport will occur less efficiently.

By consuming an adequate amount of fish oil in your diet or through supplementation, your body cells will be able to function more efficiently. This will result in a boost to your metabolism, assisting the fat-burning and weight-loss process.

This metabolism-boosting effect of omega-3s is enhanced even further due to the fact that the organelles (small organs) within all body cells also have their membranes being composed of essential fatty acids.

All of these factors help to re-inforce the fish oil and weight loss mechanism.

Oxygen delivery and transport

Fat requires a significant amount of oxygen in order to burnt up as a fuel. Therefore, anything that improves the delivery and transport of oxygen within cells will improve this process. This means that essential fatty acids (EFAs), which includes fish oil, can assist fat burning in your body.

Improves post-exercise recovery

Fish oils, as well as other essential fatty acids (EFAs), assist in the process of breaking down lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water. As a result, your body may recover between sets and post-exercise. This means that exercise may be conducted more intensely and more frequently, contributing to even better results from every training session.

Helps to maintain and/ or build muscle

Since the transport of nutrients, oxygen, and even electrons is involved in the process of building muscle, essential fatty acids, including fish oils, are beneficial for increasing, or at least maintaining, existing muscle mass.

By increasing muscle mass fat burning may be enhanced because muscle is one of the most metabolically-active tissues in the body.

Suppresses appetite

Any oil or fat consumed slows down the passage of food from the stomach into the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). This means you will feel satisfied for longer if you consume fish oils with a meal. This fact supports the fish oil and weight loss theory.

Lowers the glycaemic index

Since oil and/ or fat slows the passage of food through the intestines, it also means the absorption of carbohydrates will also be slowed down. Therefore, it is much easier to maintain a stable blood sugar level, resulting in a reduced insulin response.

In theory, a reduced insulin response means that the body can more easily access and utilise fat as a fuel source, making weight loss much easier.

Reduce inflammation

Another contributing factor to the fish oil and weight loss theory is the anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3s. A person may retain fluid for a variety of reasons including: lifestyle, diet or medication. Taking fish oil supplements on a regular basis may assist the body in getting rid of the excess fluid.

There is no doubt about the relationship between fish oils and weight loss. Plus, there are many other health benefits offered by using this supplement every day.

It doesn't matter whether you choose to take fish oil as capsules or in liquid form. The most important point is that you use it on a regular basis. By doing so, not only will you assist your weight-loss effort but will also receive a whole range of additional health benefits as well.

If you would like to discover even more fish oil benefits, please get a copy of, Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill. It is one of the best books on fats and oils ever written!

Also, here's Will Brink discussing the benefits of fish oil in more detail. He is one of my favourite fitness experts and is definitely worthwhile listening to:

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