Here's 7 Reasons Why Most
People Never Get in Great Shape

1. Lack strong motivation

Anyone can get in great shape if they're willing to do what is required. Unfortunately though, for many people that means giving up lifestyle habits they enjoy and are a regular part of their life but that are detrimental to their weight-loss efforts.

For example, many people have a social lifestyle that involves drinking alcohol on a regular, and sometimes daily, basis. For other people it might be their evening 'chocolate fix' or can of soft drink with their lunch. Others still might enjoy eating fast food on a regular basis.

Great Shape

For these people the desire to engage in habits that prevent them from losing weight is far stronger than their desire to lose weight and get in great shape and as such they never do get in great shape.

However, if they can find ways to develop the necessary 'Weight-Loss Motivation', they will then have a stronger desire to get in great shape, which will help them to stop, or at least reduce, their indulgence in the unhelpful habits.

2. Not committed enough

In order to lose weight and get in great shape you need to be very committed. You need to be committed to perform the necessary actions every day in order to progress closer to your weight-loss goal.

For many people though performing these 'Daily Disciplines' is very difficult simply because life gets in the way! Work and family commitments tend to take precedence over daily exercise sessions, meal preparation and taking supplements. Of course, occasionally situations occur that require our immediate attention, however, if you're serious about losing weight then you need to find the time to do everything that is required.

3. People make too many excuses

As the late Jim Rohn said, 'The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do'. This statement is very applicable when it comes to achieving our weight-loss efforts. The fact is that finding the time to exercise for 30 minutes each day, prepare a salad and chicken schnitzel for dinner and simply take your supplements out of their bottles, put them in your mouth and swallow them are all very easy actions to take.

On the other hand though, it's also very easy to sit on the couch, watch television, order take away and not do any of those things! How we choose to spend our time makes all the difference when it comes to losing weight and getting in great shape!

It's always easy to make excuses and justify why we can't perform the necessary actions to get the results we want. However, if you really want to get in great shape, all you need to do is simply refuse to make excuses and just do it!

4. Always looking for a short-cut to get in great shape

Many people look for a short-cut when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. However, the fact is that the processes to get in great shape have never changed over the years and never will. The principles required are fundamental laws that govern the human body.

People need to accept the fact that it takes time to get in great shape, just as it takes time to become overweight! Once you know the correct principles, incorporate them into your lifestyle and then allow enough time for them to take effect, you get results! It really is that simple!

However, many people want the results with putting in the effort and are constantly looking for a short-cut. As such, they tend to waste their money on useless weight-loss gadgets, diets and pills with little, if any, results to show for it!

The human body can only burn off body fat at a certain rate; it is impossible to try and short-cut the process. Therefore, your best option when it comes to losing weight and getting in great shape is to simply use as many of the quick weight loss principles as you can, all of which are featured for free on this site!

5. Not being willing to change their lifestyle

If you want to lose weight, then you have be willing to change your lifestyle, period! Plus, the changes must become permanent lifestyle habits, not something you do for a few weeks or months and then return to previous lifestyle habits. You must be willing to perform these actions for the rest of your life!

If you only perform the required actions for a period of time then your results will be also be temporary. If you aren't willing to make permanent lifestyle habits then you have to accept the fact that you will not be able to keep the weight off.

6. Don't understand human physiology

Many people don't understand the difference between losing weight and losing fat. Even though they are related, they are two very different processes in the body. There are many ways through which the body can lose weight. For example, a loss of water (dehydration), a reduction in stored carbohydrate (glycogen) in the body, a loss of lean body tissue as well as a loss of fat tissue can all contribute to a loss of weight.

However, since the burning of body fat is a relatively slow process in the body (because the body wants to preserve it for famine purposes), you have to be willing to allow enough time for this process to occur. Unfortunately, if you're doing everything right, it still takes weeks and even months to make significant inroads into your existing fat stores.

7. Don't consider modifying various 'Lifestyle Factors'

When some people want to lose weight they only change individual 'Lifestyle Factors' like nutrition or exercise rather than modifying a whole range simultaneously.

By only making changes in the areas of nutrition or aerobic exercise without considering modifying all the 'Lifestyle Factors' (nutrition, aerobic exercise, resistance exercise and supplementation), your results will be severely limited. However, by making changes in all of the areas, you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

If you want to discover all the weight-loss principles from each of the 'Lifestyle Factors' that will help you lose all the weight you want and finally get in great shape, get a copy of my e-book, 'Look Good Feel Great'.

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