Here's How to Make Healthy Food Choices simply including these 10 healthiest foods in your diet every day!

Now you can easily make healthy food choices and assist your weight-loss efforts by simply including these 10 healthiest foods in your diet every day.

By creating a healthy diet plan based around these foods not only will you be able to lose all the weight you want and get in great shape but you will also improve your body's functioning and health all at the same time.

Healthy Food Choices

Always keep in mind that all healthy diets should follow a standard format and there are fundamental principles that you need to adhere to as well, i.e. having 'complete meals', having 5 or 6 small meals a day, controlling your source of carbohydrates, etc. Once you get these right and combine them with the healthy food choices listed here, you are bound to get amazing results!

Here are the top healthiest foods:

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables offer your body a wide range of nutrients including carbohydrates, phytonutrients (nutrients from plants), vitamins, minerals and fibre. They provide you with so many health and weight-loss benefits that they must become the primary source of carbohydrates for your body, particularly the low-density sources.

Since most fruits and vegetables are high fibre foods, they have the effect of slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates into your body. This means your blood sugar level can stay stable, keeping insulin low.

Plus, the fibre also has the effect of suppressing your appetite by making you feel full after a meal.

Fruits and vegetables are far better carbohydrate sources than the high-density sources like, bread pasta, rice and cereals. Sure, these are fine in small amounts but they certainly shouldn't make up the foundation of your diet as is normally recommended by most conventional dieticians and nutritionists.

As a result, fruits and vegetables are number one in our list of healthy food choices.


Fish is definitely one of the healthy food choices because of the nutrients it provides to the body. Not only is it a great source of protein but it also provides you with omega-3s (fish oils) and in some cases calcium as well (from their bones).

Fish is worthwhile having at last twice a week. You may like to have a nice salmon steak with lemon juice and some steamed vegetables for dinner one night or even just a tin of tuna for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Either way, it is up to you. It is certainly a great source of protein and will definitely assist your weight-loss efforts.

Lean protein sources, like fish, are great healthy food choices, particularly if you're interested in burning fat and losing weight. There is no doubt that protein helps weight loss so ensuring you consume a small portion in each of your daily meals will certainly help you achieve your weight-loss goal faster.

Free-range chicken breast

Another one of the healthy food choices to include in your healthy diet plan is free-range chicken. Having free-range chicken is preferable but not essential. Chicken is a great source of protein and the breast is the leanest part.

With regards to animal protein, there is certainly no need to consume large quantities of it. The human body hasn't been designed to eat enormous amounts of concentrated protein sources; we're not carnivores.

However, if you want to have it for your lunch or dinner meals then be aware that most women don't need to have more than 150 grams of cooked chicken, which is about the size of one and a half decks of cards. Most men should have no more than 200 grams.

Having some red meat in our diet is fine too, just not essential. That's why it hasn't been included in the top 10 healthiest foods list. It is certainly worthwhile having if you're low in iron. However, fish, chicken and eggs should be your main sources of animal protein.

Free-range eggs

Eggs certainly qualify as one of the healthy food choices and are a good option to include in your healthy diet plan on a regular basis. People often comment that they're concerned about the cholesterol level in eggs but they have virtually no impact on blood levels of cholesterol so there's no problem with making them a regular part of your diet. In fact, they are a regular feature in all healthy diets.

There's plenty of information on this site if you want to find out more about how to lower cholesterol naturally.

As a result, if you want to have an omelette or eggs on toast for breakfast you can do so without feeling guilty about it. They're a complete protein sources (this means they provide all of the essential amino acids), a good source of essential fats (omega-3s and omega-6s), as well as fat-soluble vitamins.


Oats are a concentrated carbohydrate source so it is important to control the amounts you consume. about 20-30 grams is more than enough for most people to consume and they are best eaten earlier in the day, i.e. for breakfast, when your body has the rest of the day to use them as fuel.

However, they are a high fibre food that contains a type of soluble fibre called beta glucan, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol re-absorption into the body. They are certainly a great food to have if you want to follow a diet to lower cholesterol.


Beans definitely qualify as one of the healthy food choices. They are great to include as a part of any meal. They are a good source of carbohydrate, protein and soluble fibre.

You can buy them pre-packaged in tins from the supermarket or on their own from health food stores. If you choose to buy them on their own it is best to place them in a bowl of water in the fridge and soak them overnight.

Rice or oat milk

These two options are great alternatives to dairy-based milk. Dairy is certainly not a food source that you want to include in your diet on a regular basis, despite what dieticians, nutritionists and the media tell you! The human body does not tolerate dairy foods well and when you think about it logically, it makes sense.

Humans are the only species of animal that drinks the milk of another animal and that drinks milk past infancy!

If you want to improve your health dramatically in a short period of time, stop drinking milk! It causes a range of problems in the body, not the least of which is an inflammatory response. Any inflammation causes the body to retain fluid and therefore, gain weight.

Rice milk or oat milk are far better alternatives if you want to put a 'milk' on your breakfast cereal.

Raw nuts and seeds

Raw nuts and seeds are also included in the list of healthy food choices because they're a good source of protein and essential fats. It is important to eat nuts in their raw state as opposed to having them roasted simply because the roasting process may damage some of the healthy fats. However, eating roasted nuts occasionally is okay.

Also, it is important not to over-eat nuts simply because of their high fat content. A small portion of nuts added to a meal is fine.

It is important not to try and cut all the fat out of your diet if you want to lose weight. Fat has a range of essential function in the body.

Furthermore, because so many people have been brain-washed into thinking that fat is bad, many food manufacturers remove the fat from certain foods and use this as a marketing tool, i.e. '98% fat-free' or 'low-fat' are often phrases that are slapped on food labels in an effort to make them more appealing to consumers.

Another benefit of fat, particularly from a fat-burning or weight-loss perspective is the fact that fat has potent appetite-suppressing effects, which can help to curb your appetite and stop you from over-eating.


Spices are often overlooked as healthy food choices to include in your meals. Not only can they enhance the flavour of your meals but spices also offer a range of health benefits, including enhancing your weight-loss efforts. For example, cinnamon is well-known to help lower your blood sugar level, which will keep insulin low and help you lose weight.

They are far better alternatives to other condiments like dressings and sauces, which are generally loaded with sugar and/ or fat.

Herbal teas

herbal teas are a great inclusion to the list of healthy food choices. They may assist your weight-loss efforts by acting as a diuretic and may enhance your overall body functioning by providing a range of antioxidants to your body as well. They are a great addition to any meal and contain virtually zero calories.

So, if you're serious about losing weight by following a healthy diet plan , then make an effort to include the healthy food choices listed here. They really are the top 10 healthiest foods to include in your diet on a daily basis and can help you achieve amazing results in a short period of time.

If you would like to get a sample nutritional plan that provides you with a range of meal options and uses these healthy food choices to help you lose weight, then get a copy of my e-book, Look Good, Feel Great!

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