How A High Protein Low Carb Diet...

can help you lose weight fast!

A high protein low carb diet is the best approach to lose weight fast! However, it is important to be aware of the true definition of what a low carb high protein diet actually is.

What makes this
high protein low carb diet different to others

Many people automatically assume that a high protein low carb diet has to contain excessive amounts of protein and ridiculously low amounts of carbs like most low carb diet plans do. However, this is simply not the case. Furthermore, a typical low carb diet plan, whilst it has its place for certain individuals, is not the best approach for most people simply because it is not a long-term, sustainable approach to nutrition.

High Protein Low Carb Diet

The low carb high protein diet suggested here simply describes the amount of energy (calories) each of the macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) contributes to a nutritional plan. It also relates to the number of calories provided by each of the macronutrients rather than the volume each macronutrients contributes to the overall daily food intake.

In the case of the high protein low carb diet I recommend, the amount of protein (from calories, not volume) is greater than the amount of carbohydrate. From personal experience I have found that consuming 30-50% of your calories from protein and 30-40% of your calories from carbohydrates is the best way to go if you want to achieve excellent weight loss results. I would even go as far to say that if you want to achieve maximum weight loss in the shortest period of time then following a macronutrient profile closer to 50% protein, 30% carbohydrate and 20% fat is what you should use.

I use this macronutrient profile when helping bodybuilding and fitness competitors prepare for shows. It helps them easily achieve body fat levels in the low signle digits, especially when they combine this with regular resistance exercise, aerobic exercise and supplementation.

High Protein Low Carb Meal

Even though this recommendation is considered to be a high protein low carb diet, the meals are balanced and nutritionally complete because amount of carbohydrates consumed, from a volume perspective, is actually quite high even though the overall number of calories it contributes to the meal relative to the amount of protein is actually low.

The reason why it is possible to consume a high protein low carb diet even though it appear that there is more balance between the macronutrients is simply because most of the carbohydrate consumed comes from low-density sources like, fibrous vegetables. Of course, there will be some medium and high-density carbohydrates consumed as well, but not as much.

Plus, the protein that is consumed tends to be very concentrated sources of protein like red meat, chicken, fish, eggs and protein powder. Since they are concentrated sources of protein they don't take up much space and therefore a high protein low carb diet may appear to be more balanced.

Why A High Protein Low Carb Diet Works!

There are several reasons why a low carb high protein diet is so effective helping people lose weight:

  • Insulin is kept low

  • Protein has a powerful satiating effect

  • Protein has an anti-catabolic effect

  • Sugar cravings are reduced
  • Insulin is kept low

    By reducing your intake of carbohydrates overall, by reducing your intake of high-density carbohydrates, blood sugar level insulin will stay low.

    By keeping insulin low your body can access and utilise fat as a fuel more effectively. It can literally turn your body into a 24-hour-a-day fat-burning machine!

    Protein has a powerful satiating effect

    By consuming protein with every meal, you will find it easy to keep your appetite suppressed. This can assist your fat-burning and weight-loss efforts by helping you to avoid eating foods that may be detrimental to your goals.

    Out of the three macronutrients, protein requires the most energy to be expended through the process of digestion and utilisation. This means that it may increase your overall calorie expenditure and therefore lose weight.

    Protein has an anti-catabolic effect

    Since the human body is a dynamic structure, meaning it is constantly building up and breaking down tissues, using a high protein low fat diet is ideal for helping you increase or at least maintain your muscle mass. By doing so, you can keep your metabolism elevated and make it easier for your body to burn fat as a fuel source.

    Sugar cravings are reduced

    One reason why many people tend to gain weight is simply because they have an unstable blood glucose levels on a regular basis. By following the high protein low carb diet that is suggested here, you will be able to keep your blood sugar level stable and by doing so will be able to burn off body fat faster.

    Also, since this low carb high protein diet recommends a relatively high intake of low-density (fibrous) fruits and vegetables, you will be providing your body with a substantial amount of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients). By doing so, your body's cravings for certain nutrients, particularly minerals, and which is often mistaken for sugar cravings, will be significantly reduced.

    Overall, a high protein low low carb diet is definitely a great way to go in order to help you not only burn off body fat and lose substantial amounts of weight, but it will also help you to improve your overall health.

    If you would like a free copy of a high protein low carb diet, please read this low carb diet plan.

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