How Muscle Building Supplements
Can Help You Lose Weight!

There are several muscle building supplements that can actually help you burn fat and lose weight! In this article we will examine these supplements and explain how you can use them to accelerate your weight-loss efforts.

Of course, they may not be as effective as the best weight loss supplement from a direct fat-burning perspective, but they can certainly help to speed up the fat-burning and weight-loss processes in your body so you can achieve the results you want much faster.

Muscle Building Supplements

Of course, many people believe that if you use these muscle building supplements that you will 'bulk up' or actually put on weight. However, this is simply not the case. If you control your food intake (as you should do if you want to lose weight) these muscle building or weight lifting supplements will actually help you lose weight. This will be explained in more detail throughout the article.

The top 3 muscle building supplements for enhancing weight loss are:

  • Protein powder

  • Creatine

  • L-glutamine
  • We will cover them individually and explain how they can help you lose weight.

    Muscle building Supplement For Weight Loss 1:
    Protein Powder

    Protein powder is actually one of the most popular muscle building supplements and when it comes to selecting the best protein powder for you, it is essential that you know the criteria you should look for. Anyhow, there are several ways in which protein powder can accelerate your weight-loss efforts.

    Firstly, protein is well-known to have powerful appetite-suppressing effects. Therefore, if you include it in your diet on a regular basis, it will help to keep your appetite suppressed, which means you will eat less and can therefore lose weight.

    Also, protein is the building block of body tissue and by consuming it on a regular basis you can ensure that your body is constantly supplied with it.

    Since the body is a dynamic structure, it is constantly building up and breaking down tissues all day long. Therefore, by consuming a small portion of protein every few hours throughout the day, you can ensure that you don't lose muscle (protein has an anti-catabolic effect) and by maintaining your muscle mass, you can keep your metabolism elevated and therefore, can burn off body fat faster.

    One of the best ways to ensure you consume protein every few hours throughout the day is by using a protein powder. It is quick, easy, convenient and cheap. The best way to have it is to simply use it as a mid-morning and/ or mid-afternoon snack. It is particularly good to use after exercise because it helps your body with the repair and recuperation processes so you can recover from the exercise session faster.

    The best way to use protein powder is simply have 1-2 scoops of powder, mixed in water or a low-fat milk/ water combination either as a snack or as a post-exercise meal.

    Muscle building Supplement For Weight Loss 2:

    Creatine is another popular muscle building supplement and is particularly popular with athletes because of the performance-enhancing benefits it offers. However, it can actually assist with your weight-loss efforts as well. Creatine can help fat burning and weight loss mainly by helping to maintain muscle mass as you lose weight (anti-catabolic effect). It works by increasing the volume of muscle cells; it has a 'cell volumising effect'. It does this by increasing the uptake of water into the muscle cells as a result of osmosis (it gets dragged along with the creatine).

    By having muscle cells well-volumised, you can then promote filament thickening, which means your body increases the thickness of the muscle fibres.

    It is also possible that supplementation with creatine has a positive on fat-burning hormones in your body like, growth hormone. However, it is not confirmed whether it is from the creatine supplementation itself or from some other mechanism that creatine is involved in.

    The best way to use creatine is to simply add 2-3 grams into your protein shake each day.

    Muscle building Supplement For Weight Loss 3:

    L-glutamine, or simply, glutamine, is another great muscle building or weight lifting supplement to use on a regular basis.

    It is similar to creatine in that it promotes cell volumisation and increased growth hormone production in the body. Research studies actually confirm that glutamine increases growth hormone production quite markedly.

    Glutamine has a number of benefits in the body and is used by the brain, gut, liver and kidneys for a range of functions. The muscles are considered to a reservoir of glutamine because they contain very high levels of it. In fact, glutamine is the most common amino acid in muscle tissue.

    The best way to use glutamine is to simply add 5-10 grams to your protein shake each day.

    There you have it, the best muscle building supplements for weight loss. If you would like to find out more about supplements, then I recommend reading The Truth About Supplements!

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