Increase Natural Human Growth Hormone in Your Body

...the potent fat-burning and youth-sustaining hormone!

Natural human growth hormone (hGH), also known as, somatotropin, is the most powerful fat-burning hormone in the body as well as a potent anti-ageing hormone.

It is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland under direction of the hypothalamus and since it has many positive benefits in our bodies we should try and maximise its production naturally.

In this article we will cover the principles you can employ in order to boost its production in your body and therefore assist your fat-burning and weight-loss efforts as well as maintain youthfulness!

Here's a summary of the
natural human growth hormone functions:

  • Stimulates tissue construction in all tissues
  • Mobilises free fatty acids (FFAs) for energy
  • Inhibits carbohydrate metabolism
  • Supports immune function
  • Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • May reverse atherosclerosis

  • Nutrition principles to
    boost natural growth hormone production

    Carefully control your carbohydrate intake
    It appears that a high blood sugar level and perhaps a high corresponding insulin level as well may have a negative impact on growth hormone secretion in the body. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that you keep your blood sugar level stable and relatively low as much as possible.

    Natural Human Growth Hormone

    The easiest way to do this is by ensuring that almost all of your carbohydrates sources are from natural sources like, fruits and vegetables. At the same tiime, ensure you don't consume too much of them as well.

    Unfortunately, carbohydrates, which are ubiquitous in today's food supply since they are so hard to avoid, many people are likely to have a blunted secretion of natural human growth hormone, making it harder for them to lose weight and get in shape!

    Furthermore, this has enormous implications for the type of nutritional plan recommended to clients as well as the composition of the final meal of the day as well as pre and post-exercise meals.

    Whilst it is true that clients may get initial results from following the typical (nutritionist/ dietician- recommended) low-fat/ high-carbohydrate nutritional plan, anecdotally their results will eventually plateau if their goal is fat loss or weight loss. Further fat loss may then only be achieved by reducing calorie intake, which is not recommended.

    The limited results achieved by the standard nutritional recommendations may be considered to be as a result of elevated insulin levels along with a suppression of growth hormone production.

    Cut carbs pre-exercise to assist fat burning and boost growth hormone production
    To take this one step further, pre-exercise carbohydrate feedings (or during exercise) have been shown to significantly reduce the amount of fat burned during a workout. Another disadvantage of consuming carbs prior to exercise is its effects on brain chemistry (carbs promotes serotonin production in the brain).

    Ensure you consume an adequate protein intake
    Protein has been shown to have a positive impact on growth hormone secretion. Therefore, it stands to reason that a higher protein intake may be beneficial in elevating growth hormone levels and obtaining the benefits from this hormone.

    Reduce your alcohol intake
    Alcohol suppresses the nocturnal growth hormone surge when it is consumed in the evening but it has less effect when consumed during other times of the day (because less is secreted at other times of the day). Moderate alcohol consumption doesn't appear to affect baseline levels at all. If you are going to consume alcohol it is better to drink it earlier in the day so your body has a chance to metabolise it before going to sleep.

    Exercise principles to
    boost natural growth hormone production

    Exercise regularly
    People who exercise regularly tend to have higher resting growth hormone levels than their non-active counterparts. In fact, a lack of physical fitness contributes to a decrease in circulating growth hormone.

    Keep exercise sessions brief and intense
    Exercise has a profound effect on growth hormone production in the body if it is done correctly. However, exercise may also be counter-productive to growth hormone release if it is performed incorrectly. The amount of growth hormone released into the blood stream is in direct proportion to the intensity of the exercise and is inversely related to the volume of exercise, whereby after around 45 mins of intense exercise, growth hormone levels start to fall rapidly. Hence the recommendation to keep workouts brief but intense.

    Supplementation principles to
    boost natural growth hormone production

    Supplement your diet with protein and specific amino acids
    We have already mentioned that an increased protein intake corresponds to increased levels of circulating growth hormone in the body. However, some people may find it difficult to consume an adequate protein intake throughout the day and therefore maximise their secretion of growth hormone. As a result, it is recommended to supplement your diet with a suitable protein source and a great option is to use BCN's ProBlend. It is a great-tasting, all-natural pea and rice protein source that doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners. It is a great growth hormone supplement.

    There are also several individual amino acids that have been shown to boost growth hormone production in the body. They are: glutamine, ornithine, arginine and glycine. Glutamine, ornithine and arginine have all been shown to boost growth hormone directly and many human growth hormone products on the market contain these 3 amino acids.

    Glycine, on the other hand, hasn't been shown to boost growth hormone directly but rather indirectly because it improves sleeping habits. It does this by acting as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain.

    Niacin (vitamin B3) also demonstrates an ability to boost endogenous growth hormone production.

    If you would like to use a supplement that can help to boost growth hormone production in your body, please click on the following link: AminoGH - Extreme with High Absorbancy Amino Acids, 120 caps -- Super High Potency - UltraFast Absorbing.

    Lifestyle principles to
    boost natural growth hormone production

    Sleep well
    Since natural human growth hormone is produced mainly at night-time when we're sleeping, it is important that we ensure we have good quality sleep as much as possible. There are several ways to improve your sleeping habits, here's just a few:
  • Make your bedroom as dark as possible
  • Keep all electronic equipment at least several metres away from your body and turn off an electric blanket at the wall if you use one
  • Ensure you stay at a comfortable temperature during the night
  • Ensure your last meal at night is a high-protein, low-carb meal
  • Don't eat anything several hours before bed
  • Try to go to bed a few hours before midnight
  • Minimise any external noise (perhaps use ear plugs if need be)
  • Consider taking a glycine supplement before bed
  • It is also beneficial to have short 'power naps' during the day if possible. These are great at giving you a growth hormone boost!

    Stress less
    It appears that stress may have a negative effect on growth hormone production in the body. Therefore, finding ways to reduce the impact of stress may be beneficial. For example, learning relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, coping strategies and taking a stress-reducing supplement like, BCN's Rhodiola Advanced may be beneficial.

    Stay warm
    Growth hormone secretion is correlated with an increase in body temperature. This may result from exercise or ambient temperature. Either way, the result is the same.

    Here's a summary of how to boost natural human growth hormone production in your body:

  • Carefully control your carbohydrate intake
  • Cut carbs pre-exercise to assist fat burning and boost growth hormone production
  • Ensure you consume an adequate protein intake
  • Reduce your alcohol intake
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep exercise sessions brief and intense
  • Supplement your diet with protein and specific amino acids
  • Consider taking niacin (vitamin B3)
  • Sleep well
  • Nap often
  • Stress less
  • Stay warm
  • If you would like to discover even more principles to help boost growth hormone production in your body, get a copy of Grow Young with HGH: The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging.

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