pricing and fillers for fat burners

by Jenna
(Richardson, TX)

$1 per serving is way too much. There is just no need to charge that much, nor should anyone have to pay that for something of negigible cost and extreme profiting from taking advantage of people's body insecurities and issues.

What the article forgot to say is that when only "milligrams" of different things are included in a capsule, and it is all one color, it is not the active ingredents you are seeing, it is filler.

True, not just for this type of capsule but for most all capsules. To recap, most of America doesn't earn enough to fit these in their budget at $1+ per dose (over $60 a month!) without cutting into rent money, kids lunch money, or other required bills.

Thanks. If nothing else, please be sure to make customers aware of "fillers" such as magnesium stearate which slow and block the release of whats in most capsules.

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Oct 05, 2012
Are The Best Fat Burners Worth Their Price?
by: Steve

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for taking the time to provide your thoughtful and worthwhile comments on the Best Fat Burners article.

I personally spend several hundred dollars every month on a range of supplements simply because I believe they are a necessity, not an option. A portion of that money is also spent on fat burners. I do that simply because I feel I do get a significant benefit from using them, especially if I take them before working out.

I understand that not everyone has the luxury to be able to do this, but I'm willing to forego other lifestyle choices in order to afford them.

I also feel that around $1 per serve is reasonable since I know how much it costs to run a business. Of course, those costs are paid for by the profits made by selling products. This is the same principle for any business.

For example, think of a cake shop in a shopping centre. The cost of goods is only a fraction of the selling price. However, when you factor in the overheads (rent, wages, electricity, gas, packaging, marketing, phone bills, insurance, etc.) it is understandable why the cost of the product is significantly more.

When it comes to the ingredients, it is important to ensure that they are provided in therapeutic dosages so they have the desired effect. Having long lists of ingredients in token amounts (as some dubious companies do) may look impressive but certainly offers little benefit to the consumer.

In order to have a therapeutic effect, thermogenic ingredients are only required in milligrams amounts. In fact, XLR8 contains oxedrine (synephrine) in the maximum allowable amount by the TGA. The amount is 15mg per capsule.

Furthermore, one of our products (to support thyroid function), Thyron, contains potassium iodide in microgram (1/1000th of a gram) dosages!

Also, not all supplements use fillers like magnesium sterate. I know that the best fat burners on the market are packed with the maximum amounts of active ingredients and if you open the capsules you can actually see the different coloured herbs they contain.

Even though we may not agree on some of the points you have raised Jenna, I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

I wish you all the very best with achieving your physical goals!



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