5 Quick Ways to Lose Weight!

Here are some really quick ways to lose weight. If you use them all simultaneously you will be amazed at how quickly you can lose weight! The combination of these principles really is the fastest way to lose weight! They aren't what we consider to be long-term, sustainable lifestyle habits. However, if you have an event coming up, like a wedding or you want some easy ways to lose weight before you go on a holiday, then these are some great principles to use!

Always keep in mind that the weight you lose by following these principles will not be entirely fat. In fact, most of the weight you lose won't be. Nevertheless, you will be able to drop the excess kilos of fluid and fat faster than you ever thought possible by using these little-known principles.

Here are the
5 quick ways to lose weight:

Quick Ways to Lose Weight

1. Use the 'Maximum Fat-Loss Protocol'

The maximum fat-loss protocol is a strategy used by bodybuilders and fitness competitors in order to get ready for a contest or photoshoot. It involves performing at least 30 minutes or aerobic exercise in a mildly hypoglycemic state. This means your blood sugar level will be quite low, without being extremely low of course.

By exercising in this state, especially after taking a thermogenic, you will help your body access and burn fat more than you would if you exercised any other way. Probably the best time to perform the 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise is first thing in the morning before breakfast. This is a great time simply because you haven't eaten anything for 6-8 hours prior to the exercise session.

The final step in the maximum fat-loss protocol is to not eat anything for 20-30 minutes after the exercise session is finished. As a result of performing the exercise and taking the thermogenic, your metabolism will still remain elevated for quite some time after the exercise session has finished. Therefore, it makes sense to wait for some time before eating your breakfast.

After the exercise session perhaps go home, have a shower and get changed before having breakfast. It is important to not wait longer than 20-30 minutes though because it will result in a significant increase in your cortisol level, which will have the effect of causing you to lose muscle.

The maximum fat-loss protocol is definitely one of the quick ways to lose weight.

2. Follow a low carb diet plan

By reducing your carbohydrate intake substantially, you can easily lose weight. It is one of the quick ways to lose weight simply because it forces your body to get rid of a lot of excess fluid that is stored with glycogen. Glycogen is a storage carbohydrate and when you significantly deplete the levels of it in your body, you can easily lose 2-3 kilograms in a week!

Low carb diet plans are also beneficial in losing weight simply by reducing the insulin response in your body. By keeping insulin low, you can access and utilise fat as a fuel source more effectively.

Substantially reducing your carbohydrate intake is another one of the easy ways to lose weight!

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3. Limit your sodium intake

Sodium is a mineral that is well-known to cause fluid retention in the body if it is consumed in substantial quantities. The fact is that sodium is a great preservative so it is often found in processed foods. Since many people eat processed foods on a daily it is easy to see how many people can gain weight as a result of consuming too much sodium.

By simply emphasising more fruits and vegetables in your diet and less processed foods you will be able to provide your body with an adequate, but not excessive, amount of sodium. This means that if you are carrying excessive weight (fluid) as a result of consuming too much sodium in your diet then reducing your sodium intake will be another one of the quick ways to lose weight. Your body will literally drop the excess weight in a matter of days!

4. Cut out or substantially reduce all wheat and dairy products

Most people don't tolerate wheat and dairy products very well. Sure, they may not notice the symptoms but since the human body has not been designed to consume these foods, having them in your diet does result in an inflammatory response in the body to some degree. When this occurs, it is considered to be a stress and as a result, the body retains fluid. This of course, results in weight gain.

Now, wheat and dairy products are everywhere and cutting them out of your diet entirely can be difficult. Plus, let's face it, most people enjoy dairy foods and wheat-based products to some extent. Ice cream and pizza are two examples that come to mind. However, by at least reducing your intake substantially you can achieve rapid weight loss. It really is one of the quick ways to lose weight.

By making this one change to their diet some people have been able to lose up to 5 kilograms (11 pounds) in 2 weeks! If you only allow yourself to have milk (dairy) in your coffee and oats (grains) for breakfast (apart from the wheat and dairy you consume on your 'Treat Day' of course), you will be amazed at how quickly the weight will fall off your body. Then, simply make an effort to get your carbs from more natural sources, like fruits and vegetables. Plus, you may like to try oat milk or rice milk as an alternative 'milk' to have on your cereal.

5. Use some natural diuretics

There are several natural compounds that aid your body in getting rid of excess fluid if it is a cause of weight gain for you. Caffeine, dandelion root and vitamin B6 are good examples of compounds that you can take for a week or two in moderate amounts to help your body get rid of excess fluid. This is one of the easy ways to lose weight fast!

Combining all of these quick ways to lose weight together is probably the fastest way to lose weight. However, always keep in mind that quick and easy ways to lose weight mean that not all the weight you lose will be fat. Fat can only be burnt off your body at a relatively steady pace. However, by consistently following the principles here as well as the many other principles on this site, you will be able to achieve your weight-loss and fat-burning goals quickly and easily!

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