4 Points To Remember When Trying To Lose Weight

by Paul Simpson

Get to know the foods you eat.
By this I mean it is important to understand what effect each food has on your body and the benefits or consequences it offers.

For instance, green vegetables such as kale, chard, collard greens, bok choy, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, etc. are packed with vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. They are very filling, high in fiber and low in calories. They can be eaten cooked or raw but a happy medium between the two can often be found by stir-frying them in a non-stick pan. However, it is absolutely fine to eat them raw if you’d prefer so go ahead and toss them into your salad to get all of the nutritional benefits they offer.

In terms of weight loss, greens have a further advantage in that they maintain healthy digestive transit. This means that they pass through the intestinal tract in a relatively short period of time and results mainly from their fiber content.

When is the best time for you to exercise?
We are all individuals and as such we have different circadian rhythms otherwise known as a body clock. Some of us are ‘morning people’ and don’t feel like we can face the world until we have been up for a couple of hours and have plied ourselves with half a dozen coffees! In short we all have different needs and expectations.

You should therefore pick a time to exercise that is your best time of the day. If you’re a morning person, then the best time for you to do your workout is probably going to be in the morning. If you’re an evening person, then try to fit in your workout some time in the evening.

It is worth baring in mind that our body rhythms can be affected by various things such as environmental and seasonal changes so be prepared to adapt should the need arise. For example, for you would consider yourself a ‘morning person’ but when winter really hits you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning to go to the gym! On the other hand, perhaps during summer time the evenings are still quite warm and this makes you less inclined to want to go to the gym.

How do you deal with stress?
Learning to control and maintain

your stress levels is one of the best ways you can prevent weight gain. There are many reasons for this but the main one is that when stressed we often take short-cut measures to remedy it. For many people this leads to the phenomenon of comfort eating.

Ask yourself where and when are you most likely to feel stressed. Do you feel tense at work, at home, or during social commitments? For many, the stress of certain situations is remedied by turning to food or drink. After all, having something to drink or eat takes your mind off why you're feeling stressed. The problem is that it also adds calories to your diet and extra inches on your waistline.

Stress is part of everyday life. What we must learn is how to cope with it. Through maintaining self awareness in all situations you will ask yourself the right questions even at times of stress. Plan ahead for stress and reap the benefits of responsible engagement with it.

Are you keeping a weight-loss diary or journal?
You should consider starting a diary to record your day to day engagement with your weight loss plan.

An essential component of sticking with any weight loss program is the feeling that progress and success are occurring on a day to day basis. A diary gives you a record of achievement. From it you can track the small changes that are happening to your body and see how they all add up. Keep in mind though that even if you don’t get immediate results on the scales every week, you can still celebrate the fact that you’ve done the right things and can feel confident that the results will follow eventually.

A diary can also provide a record of the odd bad day you may have and therefore also highlight areas of concern and improvement.

There is lots of fun to be had with a diary. You can use it to set goals and weekly targets - Or to muse on different exercise strategies and diet information. Use it to plan ahead for rewards as well. To give you that extra bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Remember that we are people not robots. Unless we get the odd treat or reward every now and again it's highly unlikely that you will stick to your weight-loss program long term.

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5 Ways To Lose Weight And Change Your Life

by Paul Simpson

1. A lot of people who want to lose weight want to do so as quickly as possible. This is understandable but unfortunately it often leads to poor decision making. Specifically, it leads some people to crash diet in a desperate attempt to lose weight in as short a time as possible.

Crash dieting is one of the worst things you can do if you want to lose weight and keep it off long term. This is because your body will seek to store more fat in reserve as a precaution against any future starvation. By depriving your body of essential nutrients you are going to become sluggish and lacking in energy.

The key to sustained, effective and healthy weight loss is found in the balance between reducing overall calorie intake whilst increasing the amount of good food we eat. It is tempting to turn to crash dieting but remember in the long term it’s going to make you fatter rather than thinner.

2. The western world has an addiction to sugar that shows no sign of abating. Supermarket aisles are filled with sugary, calorie-packed treats that all standout with attractive marketing and effective advertising. Of course, if you are committed to losing weight it is essential that you reduce your intake of sugary treats including fizzy drinks.

The good news is that it is not necessary to completely abstain from these kinds of treats entirely. Instead, you just need to discipline yourself and where possible choose a healthier alternative. For instance, a Milky Way bar contains half the fat of a Mars bar or Kit Kat! If you currently eat a chocolate bar a day that is probably too much but once or twice a week is not going to do you any harm if it is eaten as a small part of a well balanced diet with an active lifestyle.

Weight loss should not be based on starvation or deprivation. But remember, you need to consider alternatives such as fresh fruit in order to beat your sugar cravings.

3. Lifestyle changes should be more than simply changing what you eat, especially if you want to lose weight quickly. A lot of people complain that an active lifestyle is very difficult to fit in to their work and home life. Fortunately, it is not as difficult to fit an exercise routine into your lifestyle as you might think.

30 minutes a day – that is all that is required and even better is that this can be divided in to 15-minute intervals if necessary. Be as creative as you like with this. For instance, a brisk walk of around 10,000 steps or a set of exercises in the comfort of your home is easy to do.

You don’t even have to join a gym! Although, if you are really committed, exercising in a gym will help you to exercise more muscle groups and likely get results much faster.

Therefore, think long and hard about the various ways you can incorporate an active lifestyle into your current one. It is a lot simpler than you think and you will notice the benefits of weight loss a lot sooner.

4. There is one secret ingredient of weight loss that does not always get the attention it deserves. I am talking here about fibre. Fibre was traditionally a major part of our diet going back many centuries when our ancestors were ‘hunter-gatherers’. Sadly, in our processed food times, dietary fibre has become less and less a feature of our daily menus.

Basically we need to eat more fibre. Of course, recently many false miracle stories about fibre have emerged, especially when they are added to 'Superfoods' but there is science to back up its helpful role in the diet. Fibre keeps the right amount of water in your intestines, making your digestive system work more efficiently and helping to keep you regular. Therefore, just from eating enough fibre you may feel slimmer in just a day or so. There is also evidence that fibre in the diet can help prevent stroke and heart disease, ease the effects of diabetes, and may even directly help in weight loss.

There are many ways to get more fibre in to your diet. Cereals high in bran are one excellent way and of course plenty of nuts and fruit and veg. Adding psyllium husks to your cereals or protein shakes is another good option. The good thing about fibre is that the foods high in it typically are high in other nutrients as well.

5. A lot of rubbish gets spoken about water and its role in weight loss. Some discredited experts claim all sorts of things like it being a diluter of fat. The truth is water does have a big part to play in weight loss and here is why:

Water does not cause you to lose weight, but it does keep you hydrated, which means that your body cells can function better and this may assist weight loss indirectly. Also, drinking more water might help you snack less. Did you also know that sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger? Remember that if you're thirsty you may snack more. Remember, the average person should aim to drink around two litres of fluid a day.

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Why Your Lifestyle May Be Making You Gain Weight !

by Jon Pankhurst
(Kent, UK)

The lifestyle choices you make affect the way you look

The lifestyle choices you make affect the way you look

It’s an alarming fact that a lot of people who are trying hard to lose weight end up not achieving the results they should. While in a minority of cases this can be put down to genetics or hormonal imbalances (and by minority I mean between 1 -2 % of the population!)

Weight gain occurs when you eat more calories than you burn through physical activity. But the causes aren't always obvious.
We all know that losing weight means eating fewer calories, and burning more energy through physical activity. It sounds simple but all too often it’s anything but that.

Official reports have blamed our lifestyle choices for the obesity epidemic we are experiencing. Modern life often results in us eating more calories than we need and we do almost no physical exercise.

That means we can end up eating too much and doing too little activity without even realising it. And the causes can lie in some surprising places.

Let’s think about some common lifestyle choices that can contribute towards a bigger waistline.

The rise in cheap flight might have lessened the pounds that we spend but can add to the pounds we gain in weight!

Regular holidays might be good for your stress levels, but they could be bad for your weight. A lot of people report how they gain weight when they are on holiday.

One of the biggest reasons for this is due to the fact that when on holiday we tend to eat out a lot more. And let’s face it - who wants to start thinking about calories when we are meant to be enjoying ourselves.

Of course there’s no need to stop having fun, just take more care when selecting food from the hotel buffet or restaurant. The trick here is to make small changes and think outside the box a bit.

For example, ask staff in restaurants for dressings in separate dishes so you can add them yourself. Also, you should be aware that portion sizes are usually larger at restaurants. Incorporate some activity into your holiday. And don’t forget that alcohol contains calories too!

We all like a drink and when managed responsibly, alcohol can add to an active sociable lifestyle. However, too many people are unaware of the serious consequences to health that alcohol can have. You may also be surprised to hear about the dramatic impact that excessive alcohol can have on your weight. Here are some sobering facts for you.

For instance did you know that there are almost 200 calories in a large glass of red wine! At 7 calories per gram, alcohol is stuffed with more calories than many foods, and that's just for the alcohol content. If you put a sugary mixer in your drink - then you are only adding to the calories.

Added to this, alcohol stimulates our appetite but reduces our self-control, making it easy to eat too much – so drinking could be a much greater source of weight gain than you suspected.

Someone who drinks heavily may be overweight and yet malnourished, replacing food with alcohol. What's more, once alcohol has damaged the liver, the body can't process the food we eat properly. This means less essential nutrients for our bodies to use.

However, its not just food and drink consumption that’s a problem. Sedentary lifestyles are also a major contributor. Women aged 18-34 spend an average of 60 hours a month at a computer, making them are the biggest users of the internet in the UK, according to new research from Nielsen/Netratings.

What are all those hours spent emailing friends doing to our waistlines? Spending a lot of time at a computer is contributing to an inactive lifestyle. Ways to counter this is to replace your chair with a swiss or fit ball. Just sitting on a swiss ball for half an hour is good core exercise.

Another lifestyle choice you might not associate with weight gain is late nights. A recent study from the University of Chicago found that lack of sleep increases levels of the hormone ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry.

On top of that, lack of sleep can result in depression which in turn can lead to the creation of stress inducing hormones that can have a serious impact on your ability to make rational food choices and having the motivation to get out there and exercise.

Remember that the key thing to try to do is to include as much physical activity into your daily routine as possible. If you think outside the box there are plenty of things you can do to achieve this.

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Important Facts About Weight Loss

by Paul Simpson

If people want to lose weight, it is very easy to sit around and say ‘make the correct food choices’. In fact, many people, even those who are overweight, have at least a rough idea of what constitutes good and bad foods. You don’t need to be a nutrition expert to know that a salad is a more healthy option than a calorie-packed pizza.

It is therefore true that a lot of people who indulge in eating fast foods and other unhealthy choices, over more healthy ones do so fully aware of what they are doing.

Tackling weight loss involves tackling the mind as much as it does the waistline. It may be necessary to look beyond the simple choices we make and instead look at the causes or ‘triggers’ behind our conscious decision making.

For instance, are your food motivations based on nostalgic feelings you have for a particular food? Do certain foods stir up a particular emotion, which stems back to your childhood?

When we talk about learning to eat again this is not meant in a patronising way. Instead, you should view it as learning to separate the act of eating from the emotional conditioning of food.

With this knowledge in mind it will become a lot easier to tackle the root causes behind the choices you make. Understanding a problem is half the battle. Once you understand why you have cravings, you can then undergo a process of detaching the process of eating from your emotions.

Think about it this way: you are preparing to have a meal and are tempted to eat something you know is bad for you. The emotions towards eating it are overwhelming. However, on this occasion you make a conscious effort to think the following: ‘I am in a different space to what I used to be, I want what is best for my body.’

On a very simple level this is a form of conditioning, but on the other hand this is also a process that allows you to start taking control of your life.

Of course nothing is going to happen overnight just because you have changed your attitude towards food. By consciously changing your attitude and detaching the emotions from food, you have won half the battle. The next step is to create a system whereby your new food attitudes can be reaffirmed and reinforced.

The best way to do this is by replacing this conditioned response with a new, healthier response. A good idea is to devise a set of guidelines to consistently follow that relates to what and when you eat. Crucially, this will give your mental state a physical form and structure that will boost your confidence.

Spend time developing your new dietary routine but be careful not to make changes that are too excessive in the beginning. If you deprive yourself of everything you have identified as bad from the beginning, chances are you will become depressed and unenthusiastic about the routine. Create a routine that is on a gradual scale. Look to phase out ‘bad’ fats and refined sugars from your diet rather than just removing it all together at once.

With the new attitude and routine in place your goal now should be to sustain it. One of the best ways to achieve this very important goal is to reward positive behaviour and chastise negative behaviour. With this in mind, you should think about incorporating a reward and punishment scheme into your routine.

There are various ways you can do this but here are some examples. For instance, add an incentive to achieving a weekly target of weight loss. This may be something material such as a DVD or healthy meal out.

Punishment of failure should be done in a serious but light hearted way. Think about setting up a bet with a friend that causes you to pay out if you don’t reach your target. As an added bonus you will find that the competition gives an added incentive for you.

Rewarding good behaviour whilst punishing bad forms the backdrop to all of society’s teaching methods. Apply these principles to yourself and reap the rewards.

Losing weight should be a productive and positive experience. The last thing you want to end up as is somebody whose heart is no longer in it. The experience of losing weight should be as enjoyable as the end result when you stand on the scales and see the pounds falling of your body.

You should therefore make sure of one crucial thing- enjoy yourself! When it comes to exercise for instance you do not have to stick to a rigid routine when there are so many ways to lose weight. Think about taking up a sport that you love or getting involved in a group activity.

Basically losing weight should be a positive experience otherwise how else do you expect to achieve your goals?

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The Importance of
Preparing Your Own Meals!

by Steve
(Perth, WA)

When I was out on the road seeing clients the other day I needed to buy my lunch because I hadn't prepared anything to take with me.

When lunch time came around I was in Subiaco, an up-market suburb of Perth. I walked into one of the local cafes there and since they had some very healthy-looking salads I decided to get my lunch from there. After making my selection of a combination of two different gourmet salads, after the owner listed some of the ingredients in each, I went over to a bench to sit down and eat my lunch.

When I opened the container I realised what I had done. The salad was literally dripping in oil! Now, since it was purchased from a cafe in Subi, I assume that it was very healthy oil, perhaps an organic, extra-virgin olive oil but nonetheless, it was oil and lots of it! Almost all of which was about to go to my waistline!

I wanted to mentioned this to really emphasise the importance of preparing your meals yourself. When you prepare your own meals, you decide what goes into them. Your idea of 'healthy' may be completely different to someone else's idea of 'healthy'!

In my case, these salads may have contained a range of healthy ingredients and used a healthy oil (for the salad to swim in!) as well. However, this salad certainly did not fulfill my criteria of being low-to-moderate in fat.

This is one of the main reasons why I believe that meal preparation really is the secret to losing weight.

In saying this, I will admit that the salad was very tasty and I made sure I did some extra cardio the next day to try and make some inroads into the extra fat I had gained from the meal!

There is no question that eating high-fat foods occasionally is okay, in fact, it is actually beneficial from a fat-burning and weight-loss perspective and this is discussed in the Treat Day article.

However, it is certainly not something you should do on a regular basis if one of your goals is to burn fat, lose weight and keep it off!

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How Structure in Your Life Helps You Get Results Fast!

by Steve
(Perth, WA)

It is amazing how having structure in your life can have a massive impact on your ability to achieve your weight-loss goal. In fact, structure in your life is essential for achieving any goal in life!

Structure helps create the discipline that is required to perform the daily actions that are necessary to take you closer to your goal, even when you may not feel like doing them!

Of course, your life doesn't have to be totally regimented but some structure and planning is definitely beneficial.

For example, I have noticed that the people who achieve their weight-loss goal quickly and easily, plan and prepare all of their meals themselves. They create the habit of preparing their meals at the same time of the day. They also have regular meal times and eat very similar foods for each meal on most days.

They also tend to exercise at the same time of the day, whether it is in the morning, during the day or during the evening. It doesn't matter so much when the perosn exercises, the fact is that they discipline themselves to exercise and make it a regular part of their lifestyle! That is what help them achieve results!

Therefore, if you are serious about losing weight and getting in great shape, then give your life some structure and get ready to see your body transform!

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How a Single Change in Your Lifestyle Can Have a Massive Impact on Your Results!

by Steve
(Perth, WA)

After a very festive season last year and a busy social calendar that continued into the New Year, my girlfriend and I decided to give up drinking alcohol for the month of February.

We had both put on a little bit of weight during the festive season and weren't happy with the way we were looking. Plus, our motivation to exercise consistently and eat as healthily as we normally do wasn't as strong as it normally is so something had to change.

By giving up drinking alcohol for the month (the shortest month of the year of course!) we noticed many beneficial changes not only in the way we looked and felt but also with regards to our focus and motivation as well.

We both started eating 'cleaner' and began exercising more consistently again. It was as if simply making the decision to discipline ourselves in one small area of our lives had a carry-over benefit to other areas of our lives as well.

Plus, the fact that we did it together as a couple made a difference too.

One thing that surprised me the most was the fact that it wasn't that hard to stick to. I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult than it was. Even though there were a handful of social situations where I felt like having a drink but didn't, I found it was pretty easy to avoid drinking alcohol for the entire month.

Another benefit that I have gained from the 'no alcohol month' was the fact that even now I don't really feel like drinking much at all. I seem to be drinking much less frequently than I was previously and I am certainly drinking less when I do drink.

Just think, what area of your life can you make a single change to your lifestyle and not only receive the benefits of that one change but also the benefits that come as the carry-over benefits of that change?

I have spoken to a few ladies at the gyms where I conduct seminars and they have started going for their morning walks every day before breakfast and after taking a thermogenic. What they noticed is that after 'forcing' themselves to do it for a few weeks it gradually became easier and their body started automatically waking up every morning even before their alarm went off.

They also started eating better as well. It was as if they didn't want to undo all the beneficial effects they had gained by going for their morning walk.

Perhaps going for a walk every morning is something you could do and could easily fit into your lifestyle. Perhaps you could reduce your alcohol intake as I did and rather than giving it up altogether, simply make a decision to only have it on the weekends. The weekend starts on Friday night of course! I know a few people who made this simple change and it made a massive difference to their results.

Whatever small change you're willing to make, just do it! Discipline yourself to stick to it for a few weeks and after a short period of time you are sure to find it much easier to do consistently and get all the benefits, both directly and indirectly, that it offers.

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The Rocky Road Heaven Ice Cream is the New 'Treat Day Favorite'!

by Steve
(Perth, WA)

The other night (on my Treat Day) I indulged in a Rocky Road Heaven ice cream.

Heaven ice creams are similar to Magnums (my former favourite Treat Day food) but I find the ice cream in Heaven ice creams a bit creamier.

I had seen the new Rocky Road flavour being advertised around the shopping centres quite a bit lately but I waited until our Treat Day before launching in and trying one.

I can honestly say it was well worth the wait! They are absolutely delicious! Some people might find them a bit rich but as a Treat Day food I think they're great!

It contains creamy chocolate ice cream with jelly pieces in the middle. This is covered by a thin layer of marshmallow and the hard chocolate coating contains crushed nuts and coconut. It is definitely heaven on a stick!

Now I know this website is all about weight loss and there are plenty of principles to employ in order to get the weight off fast. However, even if you want to lose weight, it is important that you don't completely cut out any foods you enjoy. It all comes down to portion sizes and how regularly you eat the 'Treat Foods'.

As I mentioned here, I only eat ice cream once a week (and the new Rocky Road Heaven is definitely going to be my new ice cream treat), not every night, and I certainly don't go 'over the top' and eat two of them!

Having a Treat Day is certainly beneficial for several reasons including, boosting your metabolism, indulging your taste buds and having a positive impact on your endocrine (hormonal) system.

However, you must discipline yourself to only have one or two Treat Meals on your Treat Day; it is not an opportunity to 'go crazy' all day long!

Nevertheless, make sure you enjoy your Treat Meals. Reward yourself for all the good things you've done over the previous week with regards to your nutrition, exercise and supplementation habits and certainly don't feel guilty about it.

Just make sure you stick to eating these types of foods only on your Treat Day and by doing so you can 'have your cake and eat it too'!

My other 'Treat Day food' is pizza. I just love gourmet, wood-fired pizza. In fact, this Sunday (my regular Treat Day) I think I might have a few slices of my favourite pizza and a couple of glasses of red wine. Then, I'll follow this up with a Rocky Road Heaven ice cream! Yum!

Since we're talking about 'Treat Foods' here, please feel free to comment here and let us all know about your favourite 'Treat Day' foods.

I look forward to hearing about what you enjoy having on your Treat Day.



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Eating Right to Weigh Right

by Brenda Lyttle

How many times have you thought of dieting and exercising but are beguiled by the glossy precept of popping in weight loss pills for the shorter route to losing weight? However, it is important you know that these pills, whilst effective to some extent, are not necessarily the best option that you could try. There are thousands of paths that you could take for weight loss without having to spend a lot of money or even getting side effects that could harm your body.

While planning a diet according to your lifestyle and age, you can stock up on certain foods, which are more beneficial than others. Here is a list of the most beneficial foods, which, if eaten the right way can work wonders on your body.

Soupy Delights
A soup is a great option across all cultures. Every home has its own variety of soup. However, for weight loss and maintenance of a great figure, you need to depend on the soups, which are broth based. As a supper item, these soups are simply ideal. You can do away with high calorie stuff for some time at least.

The Right vegetables
Veggies are a great choice; nevertheless, even then there are certain veggies, which work better if you are on the road to lose weight. Go in for colorful veggies. A diversity of greens, orange, and the like means that you are eating a good variety of vegetables. Choose vegetable with low starch content. Eggplant, carrots, spinach, and the like are examples.

Think over the conventional diet foods like salads. Shop in advance for fresh veggies. Frozen ones work well too. If you think that, the vegetables appear all too bland; avoid seasoning with mayonnaise or butter. These negate the benefits of the veggies. Instead, try grilling them. The oven fresh crunch is mouth watery and can turn the tasteless things into lip smacking ones.

Lean Proteins
This is the ideal choice for weight loss. Avoid deep fried stuff. Stir fried veggies and fish or chicken, once in a while is good but remember not to overeat. The lean proteins are the best you could fill your plate with.

Go frame a diet plan keeping these inputs in mind. If you are committed to following it, then you too can be fit and slim soon. Eating right is an easy process; all you need is a bit of dedication.

Brenda Lyttle is a health expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on healthy living, diet pills, anti-aging, and acne treatment related topics.

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Can I Drink Alcohol?

by Steve
(Perth, WA)

When I conduct seminars around Perth one of the most common questions I get asked is whether or not people can drink alcohol if they want to lose weight.

My answer is that of course you can, it just depends on how much you drink and how often you drink. If you can limit yourself to one small glass of red wine a day, then I don't see a problem with having that a few times a week. However, most people find that when they open a bottle of wine they have to finish the whole thing and oftentimes a second bottle gets opened too!

It is the same as eating chocolate, a small amount is fine but most people simply have too much, too often!

While it's alright to drink alcohol when trying to lose weight, it will still be best if you can quit alcohol altogether for other health reasons. This is where sites like http://www.centers.org can help, especially when you're trying to find a treatment center near you.

If you really want to get the best possible results from your weight-loss efforts then you need to take the steps necessary in order to control your intake of these types of foods significantly.

Losing weight is like pushing a wheelbarrow full of bricks up a hill. It is hard work to get up the hill but once you're at the top (you have achieved your weight-loss goal) it is easy to push the barrow across the top of the hill and it is really easy to push the wheelbarrow down the other side (maintenance).

Therefore, it simply makes sense to put in extra effort in the early stages of your weight-loss efforts in order to 'get up the hill'. This of course means drinking less alcohol, eating less chocolate and perhaps exercising more than normal. Then, once you are at the top of the hill you can 'take your foot off the accelerator' so to speak and can be a little more relaxed in your lifestyle.

Of course, you can't stop doing the things that got you the results in the first place, but you can have a more relaxed lifestyle. This means you can reduce the amount and/ or frequency of your exercise sessions and you can perhaps have a little more wine or chocolate, but you certainly can't go back to your previous lifestyle habits entirely without expecting to put the weight you've lost back on.

In summary, I suggest that if you have a weight-loss goal to achieve, be willing to be stricter on yourself until you achieve your goal. Then, once you have achieved it, be a little more flexible in your lifestyle without returning to previous lifestyle habits entirely.

This way you'll be able to easily maintain the results you achieve.

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Great Breakfast Option

by Steve
(Perth, WA)

Here is what I have for breakfast almost every morning:

  • 2-3 tablespoons of natural muesli

  • 2 tablespoons of mixed nuts and seeds

  • 1 tablespoon of psyllium husks

  • 1 tablespoon of 'complete fibre'

  • 2 teaspoons of Super 7 Blend

  • 150mls of oat milk

  • When I mix it altogether it becomes a purple sludge (mainly due to the Super 7 Blend, which is loaded with antioxidants) but it tastes okay and in theory it should be providing a whole range of health benefits to my body.

    It is also a 'complete meal'; it provides carbohydrate, protein and fat and is quick and easy!

    Try it and let me know what you think!

    Also, please share what you have for breakfast most mornings. As we all know, it is important to start the day off well, and a good-quality breakfast is certainly one way to do this.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



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