The Top 10 Reasons To Exercise

There are many reasons to exercise and everyone knows they can benefit greatly by incorporating it into their lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise are the foundation of losing weight and getting in great shape everything else is secondary. Without a solid nutritional plan and regular exercise program, progress towards your weight-loss goal is very difficult if not impossible!

Therefore, if you're serious about losing weight and getting in great shape fast, then exercising on a regular basis is absolutely imperative.

In this article we will review the top 10 benefits of exercise so you become convinced as to why you must do it every day if you aren't doing it already.

Here are the top 10 reasons to exercise

1. Boosts Your Metabolism

Top Ten Reasons to Exercise Exercise is the best way to boost your metabolism, which means your body will burn up more calories (and more fat) during the day. Plus, the longer you exercise for and the more intense the exercise is, the longer your metabolism will stay elevated for.

One of the best forms of exercise to perform on a regular basis is resistance exercise. By doing so, you can not only receive the metabolism-boosting effects from the exercise session itself, but you may also be able to permanently increase your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass.

At the very least, by maintaining your existing muscle mass by lifting weights, as you lose weight you will be able to maintain your metabolism as well. This generally does not occur when people lose weight because they don't perform any resistance exercise. By not lifting weights when you want to lose weight, your body indiscriminately lose both fat and valuable muscle tissue, which can therefore have an impact on your metabolism.

Muscle has a direct impact on the functioning of your whole physiology. Therefore, it makes sense it incorporate a resistance training routine into your exercise program to prevent the physical deterioration that normally occurs after the age of 30.

2. Increases your aerobic fitness and muscular endurance

Being aerobically fit has a host of benefits both physically and mentally. You will be able to go through the day and work at a higher level simply because you have more energy and are more alert.

You will also find that your body is more 'fatigue-resistant'. If you have a physcally-demanading job this comes in very handy. It simply means you can work harder for longer.

Being fitter means that your body is very efficient at absorbing, transporting and utilising oxygen. This of course, means that all of your trillions of body cells can function at optimum levels, which improves your health and dramatically boosts your energy level.

3. Exercise helps to maintain, 'tone' and strengthen your muscles

Most people don't realise how important exercise is in their daily lives. Not only does exercise help keep you fit and give you a 'toned', attractive body but it also prevents sarcopenia (loss of muscle) as we age. By prevent the loss of muscle as we age and ideally, increasing our muscle mass, we can maintain or even improve our functional capacity as we get older.

Plus, having a 'toned', strong body gives you greater confidence and makes performing daily tasks much easier.

4. Reduces your risk of heart disease

In order to reduce your risk of heart disease all you need to do is one hour of walking each week! Of course, the more vigorous the exercise, the greater the reduction in heart disease risk. The mechanism behind how it works it not completely understood but it is believed to be related to the fact that exercise dilates the blood vessels (increases the internal diameter of the blood vessels) by promoting the production of prostacyclin and nitric oxide. By doing so, there is far less chance of the arteries becoming blocked and leading to a heart attack.

5. The risk of diabetes is significantly reduced

Exercise increases the uptake of nutrients, particularly glucose, into the body cells. It does this by stimulating the glut-4 receptors inside the cell to come to the cell membrane surface, which then allows nutrients to flow in.

Exercise is also believed to improve insulin sensitivity of the cell membranes, which reduces insulin resistance, a symptom of type 2 diabetes.

This then reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and in the situation where people already have the condition, they can easily control their symptoms through exercise, help to stabilise their blood sugar level and reduce their risk of developing serious complications. It may even help to reverse the condition.

6. Improves your mental health and well-being

One of the very good reasons to exercise is the simple fact that is induces the production of 'feel good' hormones the body, endorphins. In fact, there is research showing that exercise is one of the best ways to help fight depression. It has even been demonstrated that it is more effective than medication!

7. Slows down the ageing process in the body

Staying youthful and vigorous is a goal for many people, especially as they get older. Therefore, another one of the powerful reasons to exercise is the fact that it helps people maintain youthfulness and vitality.

Exercise forces the body to stay rejuvenated because it has to adapt to stress being placed upon it. This means there are a whole range of physiological adaptations that take place that help the body stay youthful.

8. Exercise increases the level of 'good' cholesterol HDL (high-density lipoprotein) in your body

Another one of the compelling reasons to exercise is the fact that it can help to increase the level of 'good cholesterol' in your blood stream. This is even more pronounced when combined with a suitable nutritional plan.

It is important to keep in mind that cholesterol itself isn't all bad. In fact, it is oxidised 'bad cholesterol' that is correlated with heart disease. Nevertheless, there are many foods and supplements you can use to help lower cholesterol naturally. Plus, there is even a specific diet to lower cholesterol if you want to do so.

9. Reduces the risk of death from all leading causes

Probably the most important of all the resons to exercise is the fact that it reduces your risk of premature death from leading causes such as heart disease, stroke and cancer are significantly reduced by being physically fit. In fact, Finnish researchers have discovered that poor physical fitness is as much of a risk factor as other common causes, i.e. diabetes, obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.

10. Exercise improves sleeping habits

A regular exercise routine may improve your sleeping habits. Research suggests that people who exercise on a regular basis report sleeping more soundly and restfully.

There you have it! The top ten reasons to exercise. Of course there are dozens of reasons why you should exercise and the top ten reasons to exercise is just a sample.

If you would like to discover virtually all the benefits of exercise, click on the link below:

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