How To Get Slim Quick!

Here are some easy-to-use principles that will help you get slim quick! Best of all, using these strategies can help you get slim in 6 weeks. Then, if you maintain the principles long term you can remain slim for life!

In this article we will cover the top 4 'Get Slim Quick' weight loss principles and will examine why each one is effective in helping you lose weight and achieve a great-looking body.

The principles will branch from, or may be a combination of, the following 'Lifestyle Factors', which are:

  • Nutrition

  • Supplementation

  • Aerobic Exercise

  • Resistance Exercise

  • How To Get Slim Quick!

    If you are willing to modify your lifestyle in each of these four areas you will be able to achieve your weight-loss goal quickly and easily and therefore will get slim quick!

    Here are the 'Get Slim Quick'
    weight loss principles:

    Get Slim Quick Principle 1:
    Have 5 or 6 small meals a day

    Everyone's heard of the recommendation to have small, frequent meals and it is certainly a great option if you want to remain slim for life. However, when it comes to losing weight and becoming slim in 6 weeks, it may be something that you work towards over time.

    You see, many people who want to lose weight have tried dieting before, skipped meals or have basically tried to starve the fat off their body. This approach is totally wrong and results in a sluggish metabolism and creates bad habits.

    It is amazing the number of people who want to lose weight and only eat once or twice a day! This indicates that they've got a really slow metabolism and need to speed it up. However, jumping straight into having 5 or 6 small meals a day from 1 or 2 meals is definitely NOT the way to go!

    Since the person has a slow metabolism, jumping to 5 or 6 meals even if the meals are small is highly likely to result in excess calories being consumed and therefore weight gain. However, it is certainly something these people can work towards over a period of months as their metabolism speeds up.

    It is best for them to start by having 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner and as their appetite increases over several weeks add in an extra meal. Then, in a few more weeks as their appetite increases again add in another meal so they are now having 5 meals a day. If their metabolism continues to increase along with their appetite, another meal may be required.

    Click on this link if you would like some samples of some examples of inexpensive, healthy meals.

    Get Slim Quick Principle 2:
    Perform the 'Maximum Fat Loss Protocol' Every Day

    This simple 4-step process really is one of the best ways to lose weight fast! It simply involves waking up in the morning, taking a thermogenic (fat burner), exercising for at least 30 minutes (ideally, but again, this may need to be something that you work up to) and then after the exercise session waiting 20-30 minutes before having breakfast. During this time you may want to have a shower and get changed.

    It is amazing how this simple process can have such a profound effect on your ability to get slim quick! If you did this simple process every day for 3 or 4 weeks you will be totally blown away with how quickly your body will change!

    The type of exercise you do is completely up to you. However, I do think that aerobic exercise is best for achieving results fast.

    Get Slim Quick Principle 3:
    Be very aware of your sources of carbohydrates

    Your sources of carbohydrates can play a massive role in your ability to get slim quick. The fact is that we have been lied to by so-called experts over the years who claim that a high carbohydrate, low fat diet is the best way to eat healthy and lose weight.

    To make matter worse, the government, the media, 'health' organisations as well as the 'experts' have all been promoting the USDA Food Pyramid or a slight variation of it for the past 30+ years! Is it any wonder people around the world are getting fatter and fatter and more and more confused about what to eat!

    Doesn't it seem strange that 'experts' believe we should eat more highly processed, concentrated, grain-based carbohydrate sources than nature's own fruit and vegetables? Do the manufacturers of these food products really know better than Mother Nature? I doubt it.

    The bottom line is this: It all comes down to money! It is much easier for massive food corporations to make money selling their cheap processed carbohydrate crap compared to them trying to sell fruits and vegetables in their natural state.

    As a result, they've spent millions of dollars over many years marketing their products to governments, funding research at universities and promoting their products to us, the consumers, in an effort to convince everyone that their products are healthy!

    If you really want to get slim quick, follow this basic rule: 'Eat more natural sources of carbohydrates, like fruits and vegetables and less processed sources of carbohydrates, like bread, pasta, rice and cereals'.

    Get Slim Quick Principle 4:
    Perform a resistance training workout several times a week

    Resistance exercise really is one of the most under-estimated ways to get results fast! Resistance exercise (weight training) is a form of exercise that is surrounded by mis-information and misunderstanding.

    Many people believe that if they lift weights they will bulk up. Whilst this may be possible if you consume too many calories, it is absolutely impossible if you control your food intake.

    Furthermore, if you want to get slim in 6 weeks then it is essential that you perform some form of resistance exercise on a consistent basis.

    There are so many benefits of resistance exercise, which make it the form of exercise that must become a permanent part of your lifestyle.

    If you haven't done any resistance training before, I highly recommend employing the services of a personal trainer so you can easily learn all the required techniques so you can then perform the workouts safely and effectively.

    There you have it! Four very simple principles that will help you get slim quick! Use them consistently and prepare to be amazed at how quickly your body will change.

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