Should You Use
a Thyroid Supplement?

A natural thyroid supplement is beneficial for most people to use, especially as they get older. Even if they don't have any thyroid problems, they can still use a high-quality supplement to help support and optimise their thyroid function. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing the thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and tri-iodothyronine (T3).

The thyroid gland produces about 15-20% of the circulating T3 and the rest comes from the conversion of T4 into T3. This process occurs in the liver and kidneys. There are several important steps in the body's production of thyroid hormones, making it a very delicate process. Since it is such a delicate process it may be easily upset if the ideal internal environment isn't constantly maintained.

Thyroid Supplement

The ideal internal environment is one in which there are all the required nutrients that the body needs in order to manufacture thyroid hormones as well as the right balance of hormones. If the body lacks even one of the required nutrients the body's thyroid hormone production (and conversion) will be impaired. Furthermore, if the body's hormones aren't balanced, i.e. the level of cortisol is too high, then the thyroid hormones will also be negatively affected.

This is why using a thyroid supplement, like BCN's Thyron, is a great way to ensure that all the nutrients that the body needs in order to produce optimum levels of thyroid hormones are supplied and the level of cortisol is controlled. By doing so, you will be able to avoid the thyroid disease symptoms.

It is quite astounding that when a person visits their doctor and complains about having one or several of the symptoms of sub-optimal thyroid function and after tests confirm that they do have thyroid problems, the doctor will almost immiedately put them on thyroid medication! Rather than trying to find out why their thyroid gland isn't functioning properly in the first place and then fixing the cause(s) of the problem, they simply address the symptom, an underactive thyroid, by giving the person thyroid hormones.

Of course, giving a person thyroid hormones certainly doesn't fix the cause(s) of the problem and therefore, the problem remains and as a result they will have to use thyroid medication for the rest of their life! Furthermore, if their thyroid gland was producing some thyroid hormones, even if it was only in small amounts, because they are now getting thyroid hormones from an exogenous source (from outside the body), their body's normal thyroid hormone production is likely to be reduced even further!

To make matters worse, it is possible that their body may become resistant to the medication, which means that they will have to increase their dosage over time or use an alternative source of thyroid hormones.

It is so obvious when you look at this situation that the whole paradigm of our medical system is wrong! The concept of addressing symptoms rather than dealing with the root cause of a problem is ultimately flawed. Since a complete paradigm shift is not likely to occur any time soon, people need to become proactive in educating themselves and then looking after their own health rather than simply relying on doctors. We all need to take some personal responsibility for our health.

When it comes to the health of our thyroid gland, it is relatively easy to take a natural thyroid supplement every day. This may be done as a preventative measure to ensure that thyroid problems aren't encountered in the future and it may also be done as a way to help up-regulate your thyroid gland if you've been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland. Of course, a thyroid supplement, like BCN's Thyron, may not help in every case but it may beneficial in addressing most cases of thyroid problems.

BCN's Thyron contains a range of nutrients and co-factors that are required along each step in the thyroid hormone production pathway. It also contains ingredients that are known as 'Adaptogens'. These are herbs that help the body deal with stress more effectively. This means that cortisol can be kept under control.

By using a thyroid supplement every day you can help to optimise your thyroid gland's functioning and may therefore boost your energy levels and assist your weight-loss efforts.

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