The Causes of Unexplained
Weight Gain In Women

...and what to do about it!

There are many causes of unexplained weight gain in women and these causes usually result from a dysfunctional organ or system in the body, which then leads to unusual weight gain.

Whilst these principles will work for over 90% of people, there is a portion of the population who experience unexplained weight gain and for whom these principles don't work.

The reason why these principles don't work for everyone isn't because the principles aren't effective but rather because the person's body has an 'inhibitory factor' that is stopping them from being effective in their body.

For example, if high levels of toxic metals (lead, mercury, cadmium) are detected in a person's body then it is highly likely that their thyroid gland will not function properly. Of course, the thyroid gland is responsible for controlling metabolism and if it is impaired then the metabolism will be depressed and weight loss will be virtually impossible!

Unexplained Weight Gain in Women

The conventional way of treating a low functioning thyroid is to simply give the person thyroid hormones.

This does not get rid of the
cause(s) of the problem, it only treats the symptoms!

It also means that the person taking the thyroid medication will need to use it for the rest of their life because the cause(s) of the thyroid problem never get addressed. [NOTE: There are many causes of thyroid dysfunction and this is only one possible cause.]

There are literally dozens of causes of unexplained weight gain in women and unless you work with someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this area, then it is highly unlikely that the ultimate cause of your sudden weight gain will never be discovered!

Here is a list of some
of the causes of unusual weight gain:

Unexplained Weight Gain Causes Stress

  • Toxic metals in the body

  • Inflammation

  • Leptin resistance

  • Excess cortisol

  • Gastrointestinal disturbances

  • Adrenal dysfunction

  • Liver dysfunction

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • This is just a sample of some of the causes of unexplained weight gain in women. If you would like a more comprehensive list, Click Here!

    Complete a Symptoms Checklist and Evaluation Questionnaire

    Nevertheless, no matter what the cause of sudden weight gain, the procedure in dealing with it is always the same. The first step that needs to be taken is to complete a Symptoms Checklist.

    This checklist will help to narrow down the possible causes of the unexplained weight gain in women based on the symptoms that the person experiences.

    Conduct the Required Testing Protocol

    Based on the symptoms that the person presents with, a series of tests is selected that can identify any dysfunction in the body. The type of tests performed include: saliva, blood, urine, stool and hair. In each of these tests the laboratory that analyses the tests is asked to look for specific 'markers'. The markers they test for include: hormones, parasites, minerals, amino acids and many others.

    Analyse the Results

    Once the tests have been conducted and the results have been prepared, the next step is to analyse the results to see where the problem lies. Of course, there may be several possible causes of the unexplained weight gain in women that need to be addressed and this is where the whole situation becomes quite complicated.

    The reason why it becomes complicated is because the treatment procedure is required to be done in a specific sequence. If this does not occur then the treatment is likely to be less effective and may even be completely ineffective!

    Prepare a Treatment Procedure and Implement Plan

    For example, if a person's results indicate that they have parasites present in their gut (this may cause chronic inflammation which affects metabolism and their ability to lose weight), deficiencies in a range of minerals and adrenal dysfunction, then there is no point addressing the mineral deficiency or adrenal dysfunction until the gut is fixed.

    The reason why is because unless the gut is fixed, the person won't be able to absorb any of the nutrients that may be given in order to overcome the nutrient deficiency and adrenal dysfunction.

    Here are some of the treatments for Sudden Weight Gain.


    After several weeks of treatment it is necessary to re-assess the person's progress. This may be done by conducting another Symptoms Checklist as well as re-testing. Of course, one of the best ways to analyse whether or not the treatment has been effective at helping the person address their unusual weight gain, is by simply seeing if they have lost weight. If so, then the treatment has been effective and if not, then further testing may be required.

    As you can see, identifying and treating the causes of unexplained weight gain in women is a very complicated process and is best conducted by a practitioner who is knowledgeable and experienced in the area. Unfortunately, there are very few people who are trained in these areas.

    Nevertheless, if you have experienced sudden weight gain and can't identify the cause of it or you have tried many of the correct principles and still can't lose weight, then it is worthwhile following the steps mentioned above. Click here if you would like to obtain a Symptoms Checklist.

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