Weight Loss Facts

Here are the weight loss facts you must know!

Weight loss fads tend to become more prominent as the warmer weather arrives. This is because many people become interested in losing the 'winter coat' they put on over the colder months. As a result, they become easy prey for the promoters of one type of fad gadget or another as well as the many fad diets that appear on the market.

In order to ensure you don't become a victim of one of the weight loss fads, it is absolutely imperative that you know these top 5 weight loss facts:

Weight Loss Facts

Weight Loss Facts 1:
Losing weight and losing fat are very different

Whilst it is easy to lose weight by following any one of the popular fad diets, losing fat is a deliberate process that uses the fundamental laws that govern the human body.

When most people try to lose weight, they usually follow one of the many popular fad diets on the market. These are not long-term sustainable approaches to nutrition and result in people losing weight initially but then putting it all back (usually with some extra weight as well) after they return to normal eating habits.

The weight they lose by following the popular fad diets tends to be water, stored carbohydrate, lean tissue, including muscle, and a small amount of fat.

Weight Loss Facts 2:
There are no short cuts to losing fat

Most people want fat loss to be easy. In fact, most people want it to be as easy as it was to put on in the first place! Unfortunately, losing fat successfully requires that you follow proven principles and these principles require effort; there are no short cuts!

The only ways to lose fat faster is by incorporating more of the correct principles into your lifestyle. However, all of these principles require planning, preparation and consistent action, which isn't what most people are willing to do! If you want to lose fat, and more importantly, keep it off long term, then you must be willing to make these principles a permanent part of your life!

To discover the truth about fat loss, get a copy of 'Look Good, Feel Great!' It is an easy-to-read book that covers all the principles you need to finally lose all the fat and weight you want so you can achieve the body of your dreams. Most importantly, it doesn't offer you a false hope that the path to losing fat is easy.

Weight Loss Facts 3:
You must avoid all weight loss fads

There are a countless number of weight loss fads that offer people false hope when it comes to achieving their fat-loss or weight-loss goals.

Many people spend thousands of dollars every year on useless exercise equipment that ends up being thrown out at the tip along with the person's dreams of losing fat! Alternatively, the equipment becomes a convenient place to put the washing on!

The marketers of these useless pieces of exercise equipment will have you believing that losing fat is quick, easy and requires little effort, which is exactly what most people want to hear; they don't want the facts!

'With just a few minutes a day you can get rid of that ugly belly fat!'

RUBBISH! Don't believe a word of what the voice-over person says or what the people that were paid to say they lost an extraordinary amount of weight in a ridiculously short amount of time!

Plus, the models you see on the ads promoting the equipment probably exercise for at least an hour 4-5 times a week at a proper gym with proper weight training equipment.

Plus, they also follow a healthy nutritional plan 6 days out of 7.

These people wouldn't dream of coming home and having a few beers or glasses of wine every night. Nor would they think of eating fast food several times a week. The fact is, if you want to get in great shape then you have to be willing to do what is required and make it a permanent part of your lifestyle; there is simply no other way! There are no short-cuts and no simple solutions. You have to be committed to performing all of the required actions on a regular basis.

Weight Loss Facts 4:
You must use a 'multi-directional' approach to lose fat successfully

It is impossible to lose fat successfully and keep it off long term by simply dieting without exercising or exercising without making any changes to your nutritional habits.

If you are serious about losing body fat, achieving the body of your dreams and looking great for the rest of your life, then you must be willing to use a 'multi-directional' approach. This means you must use all of the 'Lifestyle Factors', which include the following:

  • Nutrition

  • Aerobic Exercise

  • Resistance Exercise

  • Supplementation
  • All of the principles you need branch from one of these 'Lifestyle Factors'. To find out what they are, simply speak to your local fitness professionals because the fundamanetal principles don't change and professionals in the fitness industry are aware of them all! Alternatively, get a copy of my e-book, 'Look Good, Feel Great!' It contains all of the principles used by fitness professionals to help their clients achieve their weight-loss goals.

    Weight Loss Facts 5: A weight-loss coach (personal trainer) will help you achieve results faster

    It amazing what a difference it can make when you work with a professional who has been trained to teach you and show you everything you need to know to finally lose all the fat you want and achieve the body you've always dreamed about!

    Let's face it, if you wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument or fly a plane, you would seek out a professional person with expertise in the area and would learn from them. The same rule should apply when it comes to losing weight!

    Stop following fad diets and/ or wasting your hard-earned money on useless exercise equipment. Get a professional to show exactly what you need to do so you can stop being frustrated and you can stop wasting your time!

    Plus, by employing the services of a professional, i.e. a personal trainer, you will have a solid support system in place. Having a support system is proven to make a massive difference when it comes to losing fat and getting in great shape.

    Therefore, if you are tired of failing in your attempts to lose fat, don't waste any more time, contact your local personal trainer today and start your journey along the right path!

    If you would like to know more about how to select the right personal trainer for you, please read my article titled, 'How to find a personal trainer that suits you!' Alternatively, get all the weight loss facts you need by reading my e-book, 'Look Good, Feel Great!'

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