The 7 Best
Weight Loss Foods For You!

There are many weight loss foods that can help promote fat burning in your body. By incorporating some of these best foods for weight into your diet you can be assured of achieving your weight loss goal much faster.

This list of the 7 best weight loss foods contains foods that have a high 'ease of use'. This means they are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle and don't require much preparation.

Here are the best weight loss foods:

Weight Loss Food 1: Fish

Fish is definitely a great food to include in your diet for achieving your weight loss goal. It provides a high quality source of protein in addition to omega-3 fats.

Weight Loss Foods

Fish is considered to be one of the best weight loss foods because it provides all of the essential amino acids that the body requires. This means it can assist you in maintaining your muscle mass. By maintaining your muscle mass you can keep your metabolism elevated and therefore burn off body fat faster.

Furthermore, its high level of omega-3s means that it is also a good source of essential fatty acids. These fats form part of your cell membranes and by doing so may assist your weight loss efforts.

By having high-quality fats making up your cell membranes, your body can more efficiently get nutrients into the cells and wastes out of the cells. Improving the efficiency of the cell's functioning means that its metabolism, or rate of fuel burning, may also improve, which therefore assists your weight loss.

It is easy to include fish in your diet by simply having a small tin of flavoured tuna for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal/ snack, perhaps with a piece of fruit as well.

You can also have a piece of fish, say salmon for your lunch or dinner meal. Fish is quick and easy to prepare because it simply requires you to cook it on a high heat in a pan for a relatively short period of time (about 5 minutes) or you can bake it in the oven, wrapped in alfoil, on a moderate-high heat (190 degrees), perhaps with some lemon and chilli for flavour for about 15-20 minutes.

Weight Loss Food 2: 'Low-Density' Vegetables

These vegetables are a great addition to any meal and are undoubtedly one of the best weight loss foods. These vegetables are the ones that contain mainly fibre and water with very little carbohydrate. They help to fill you up without adding many extra calories to your diet. Plus, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other 'phytonutrients' (nutrients from plants).

Low-density vegetables are also said to be 'nutrient-dense, calorie-sparse foods', which simply means they contain a lot of nutrients but very few calories.

The fibre they contain ensures that you feel satisfied following a meal with them in it. Plus, you can certainly have more of them if you wish without them adding significant calories to your overall calorie intake.

Here's some of the low-density vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, green beans, etc. For a complete list, get a copy of my e-book, Look Good, Feel Great!

Most of them can be eaten raw, may be lightly steamed for 10 minutes or so and some are great when they're baked in the oven.

Weight Loss Food 3: Eggs (ideally free range)

Eggs, particularly free range eggs, are a great source of high-quality protein as well as omega-3s. Eggs from caged hens are apparently higher in omega-6 compared to omega-3 because their diet consists of mainly grains instead of grass, which is the diet of the free range hens.

Even though omega-6 is the other essential fatty acid, it is far more common in our diet compared to omega-3s so therefore you are far better off consuming foods that are high in omega-3s compared than omega-6s.

The reasons why eggs are a great weight loss food are the same reasons why any high-quality protein source qualifies as one of the best weight loss foods.

Remember when including eggs in your diet to avoid eating them raw. The nutrients from raw eggs aren't absorbed as well compared to when they are cooked.

Fried, poached or scrambled eggs make a great breakfast or snack. Best of all they can be prepared in around 5 minutes. Scrambled eggs are great to have with some chopped up tomato, onion and parsley mixed in.

Plus, there's no need to worry about the cholesterol in the eggs if you want to have them on a regular basis. The fact is that the cholesterol in our blood stream is mainly determined by our intake of saturated fat rather than our dietary intake of cholesterol.

Weight Loss Food 4: Psyllium husks

Psyllium husks are a water-soluble fibre that can be purchased from most supermarkets and health food stores; it looks a lot like bran. Being a water-soluble fibre means they add more bulk to a meal making it far more filling. This becomes particularly important when it having meals that don't necessarily fill you up.

For example, adding a couple of teaspoons of psyllium husks to a serve of breakfast cereal makes the meal far more filling compared to having the breakfast cereal without the psyllium husks added.

Also, you may want to add a teaspoon to a protein shake that you have as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal/ snack. Some people find that a protein/ meal replacement shake doesn't fill them up very much and within 20-30 minutes they are hungry again. By adding the psyllium husks their appetite should be substantially reduced. This will of course make it easier to keep your calorie intake reduced and will therefore assist your weight loss efforts.

They can also assist your weight loss efforts because they help to slow down the absorption rate of the carbohydrates from your cereal or protein shake, which means you will have a stable blood sugar level and will be able to keep your insulin level low.

You can purchase a kilogram (2.2 lbs) of psyllium husks for between $15 and $20 AUD and this will last around 6-8 months.

Not only are psyllium husks one of the best weight loss foods as well as being a great buy but they also have a range of health benefits as well. As they pass through your gastro-intestinal tract they bind to cholesterol, preventing its re-absorption and therefore lowering your blood cholesterol level.

They also decrease the gasto-intestinal transit time, which means they make food pass through the gut faster. By doing so, they reduce your risk of colon cancer.

Overall, they are certainly worthwhile adding to your best weight loss foods list!

Weight Loss Food 5: Protein powder

There are so many weight loss benefits in ensuring you have an adequate (not excessive) protein intake each day. Plus, it is important to ensure that this intake of protein is spread throughout the day in all of your meals rather than just a few.

Using protein powder occasionally is a quick, easy, convenient and cheap way to get an adequate amount of protein in all of your meals. Simply have a protein shake for the occasional mid-morning or mid-afternoon meal/ snack.

You can simply take a scoop of protein powder, add it to a glass or shaker cup of water or low-fat milk (with or without psyllium husks), stir it or shake it up, and drink it! It takes less than a minute! Protein powder along with thermogenics, is one of the best weight loss supplement products on the market today.

Plus, there are plenty of protein shake recipes available. Protein powders are definitely one of the best weight loss foods available and are one of nutritional science's major successes.

Weight Loss Food 6: Sweet potato or yams

Sweet potatoes or yams definitely qualify as one of the best weight loss foods. As most of you already know, I am not a fan of high-density carbohydrates like, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, etc. for helping you with your weight loss.

Sure, small amounts of these foods won't hurt the achievement of your weight loss goal, but the fact is that most concentrated sources of carbohydrates, particularly from grain foods, aren't the ideal foods for the human body. In saying this, I am not an advocate of low carbohydrate diets for healthy people either.

This is why I consider sweet potatoes or yams to be one of the best weight loss foods. They are classified as a medium-density carbohydrate, which means they have a moderate amount of carbohydrates per serve as well as being a moderate glycemic index carbohydrate. These characteristics mean they can help to keep your blood sugar level stable, which is essential for their achievement of your weight loss goal.

Adding 50-100 grams of steamed, boiled or baked sweet potato to your lunch or dinner meal is a fantastic way to help stop the sugar cravings that many people get in the middle of the afternoon or the evenings. This often occurs if people have made an effort to 'cut their carbs' in either of these meals, which is something I strongly advise against doing!

Weight Loss Food 7: Rice or oat milk

Rice or oat milk are great alternatives to cow's milk. Even though they are derived from grains, I think they are far healthier options.

When you think about it, the physiology of today's human beings hasn't changed much over the last 100,000 years. In fact, scientists believe that our physiology is more than 99% the same as it was when we were 'hunter-gatherers'; during what is now called the Paleolithic Era.

Furthermore, it is believed that the type of diet that these ancient humans followed was as close to being the ideal diet for the human body as is possible.

Then, when you consider that agriculture began about 10,000 years ago and animal husbandry about 6,000 years ago, the human body has not had enough time to evolve to be able to consume foods that come from these sources. These include grain foods and dairy products.

Of course, some cultures and races of people may be able to tolerate these foods better than others but it stands to reason that they still may not be ideal foods for any human body. One could argue that they were introduced into our diets out of necessity rather than to function optimally.

However, in today's society we have an abundance of food or you could say, an over-supply of food. This of course, gives us choice! We can choose to eat foods that help our body function optimally or we can simply be blindly led by the clever marketers of food products who have the power to influence government, universities and so-called 'experts'!

The dairy and grain industries are obvious examples of this and the frightening impact they have had on food recommendations over years is discussed in more detail in the article titled, USDA Food Pyramid History.

Getting back to it, cow's milk does cause problems in the body. Many of these problems are due to the inflammatory response that occurs, which is similar to a foreign organism entering our body!

Since milk and milk products may cause inflammatory responses in people, this means that the body will respond by retaining fluid; something that people who want to lose weight should be wary of.

Ask yourself this: why is it that human being are the only species of animal on Earth that drinks the milk of another animal or that drinks milk past infancy?

As a result, stick to using rice milk or oat milk as a substitute for cow's milk or even soy milk whose value may also be questionable. By using these milk alternatives, you are likely to avoid the fluid retention and weight gain that is associated with cow's milk. That is why oat milk and rice milk have been included in this list!

So there you have it! The best weight loss foods to include in your diet to ensure you get the best results possible from your weight loss program. Here's some more information about the best weight loss program.

Always remember though that nutrition is only one part of a complete weight loss program and whilst it is certainly a major part, and some may argue the most important part, you should also consider making other changes to your lifestyle as well.

The other areas or 'Lifestyle Factors' as I like to call them are: supplementation, aerobic exercise and resistance exercise. They all play a part in helping your achieve your weight loss goal quickly and easily.

To discover all the principles you need to get the best possible results, as well as all of the best weight loss foods, get a copy of my e-book, Look Good, Feel Great!

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