Weight Loss Success Stories

Who Have Used The Quick Weight Loss Principles to Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals...

Here's just a few of the Weight Loss Success Stories:

Dee lost Over 30kgs Using These Principles!

After reading Stephen Smith's book, 'Look Good Feel Great!' I underwent a lifestyle change, because this approach is not a diet. I had tried just about every other weight loss program with limited success. I would always revert back to my starting weight. But with this program came the breakthrough I was after. Thanks to Stephen's program, I have enjoyed losing a steady kilo per week with no deprivation or hunger.

I know that I will always stick to this program because, unlike other diets I've tried, I enjoy what I'm eating and enjoy my new healthy lifestyle.

One of the great things about this book and the principles it contains is the fact that you can adapt it to suit your own lifestyle. It's not an 'all or nothing' proposition. We are all different and have different dietary needs. The book is easy to follow and an interesting, informative read as well. It is very easy to put his theories into practice.

Weight loss is also about being surrounded by the right motivators and I found the perfect team in both Stephen's book and a great personal trainer. It was a winning combination for me and I believe I have made lasting changes to both my eating habits and exercise routine.

'I have now lost over 30 kilograms by using
the principles in Stephen's book!'

I thoroughly recommend this book if you are serious about changing your life for the better.

Dee Christiansen
Canning Vale, Western Australia

Dee is certainly one of the Quick Weight Loss Success Stories. Here are her before and after photos.

Dee (before) 91kgs Weight Loss Success Stories

Dee (after) 59.5kgs Weight Loss Success Stories

Leanne Has Lost 13kgs so Far!

I found 'Look Good Feel Great!' very easy to read and follow. While I was already aware of many principles, the book gave me more to work with and choices rather than a strict set of rules.

The book explained the physical effects of skipping meals and having too long between them and crucial to my journey, the importance of balancing each meal.

Previous attempts to follow the 5 to 6 small meals a day principle made me more obsessed with food and less in touch with feeling satisfied. Having a history of yo-yo dieting and bulimia I needed specific examples of ideal meals and portions.

I'm now able to avoid measuring food which saves time and excuses. I've lost 13kg so far and feel confident that I can stick to it. I feel much fitter and stronger and proud of the work I've done. I've also loaned the book to a few people trying to lose weight and they were impressed by the amount of information it contained.

Leanne Bird
Perth, Western Australia

Leanne is another Quick Weight Loss Success Story!

Lindyn Loses 12 kgs With Ease!

My name is Lindyn and I am 45 years old. I was shocked to realise at the beginning of the year that my weight had crept up unnoticed from 74 kilos to 86 kilos and I had developed that middle age spreading where my stomach stuck out further than my bust.

I had a wedding to go to in October and it was the 31st of May. I didn't want to be fat and forty-five at the wedding so something had to change. A colleague of mine offered to lend me a book called, 'Look good feel great!'

At first I was skeptical as I had tried Jenny Craig before but found it unsustainable, expensive and the weight I lost rebounded. It was just one of many yo-yo diets I have tried over the past twenty years.

However, once I started reading the book I just knew this was a lifestyle choice that I wanted to make. I could see the benefits of slowly losing fat not just weight. I could stay toned and not be left with excess skin.

Like many women my age, I work full-time both in and out of the house and don't have a lot of 'me' time. I didn't want a program that would require flogging myself in the gym every day for three hours so either. That's where my journey began.

I am very happy with the results I have achieved so far and I now make good choices without depriving myself. If I really want a glass of wine on the weekends I'll have one.

I only have time to do resistance training once a week but I try to walk at least once on the weekends. I started at 86 kilos my measurements were: bust 101, abdominal 105, hips 112. In twenty weeks I now weigh 76kg and my measurements are now: bust 85, abdominal 96, hips 98.

I know if I had used more principles my results would be even more impressive but as I stated before I am thrilled with the results I have achieved. It has been so easy! I know anyone could do the same.

I found the book easy to follow and realistic for the average person. I would recommend anyone that wants a sensible weight-loss program to choose this one.

Lindyn Brooks-Crew
Tapping, WA

Another Quick Weight Loss Success Story!

Melanie Lost a Massive 58kgs!

I know what it feels like to set your mind on a goal and accomplish it. I had no idea how my life was going to change from this experience.

When I began the 10-step program from the book, Look good feel great! I was unfit, tired and had no energy, weighing in at 146kgs with 52% body fat.

After 12 weeks I weighed 130kgs with 45% body fat and over the last 16 months I have lost over 175 cms and 58kgs! I now weigh 88 kgs and have been more happy and full of life. Going from a size 30 to a 12-14 was amazing!

I was a typical yo-yo dieter who had tried everything but had never really stuck to a structured nutrition or exercise plan. With the help of a trainer and guidance from the book, I started eating 6 meals a day and training 6 days a week, alternating between cardio and weights.

I was insecure and very shy to begin with and I knew that I was going to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I persevered and since I have never done any hard training in or out of a gym before, I found I couldn't even run 10m without having to stop from exhaustion. Nowadays however, it is nothing for me to run 10kms on a treadmill or bench press 75kgs!

One thing I secretly wished for in the early days was to be healthy and to have a good figure. I am still making progress, heading towards my goal and I can see myself looking and feeling fantastic.

At first I found the program difficult but within a few months my confidence grew, which gave me the power to keep going. But even more empowering than the physical changes, is the response I have received from my family, friends and co-workers as they have all seen me transform over the last 16 months.

When I first started no-one asked me for advice on nutrition, exercise or supplementation but as they watched me transform, it seems everyone wants to know what I have done. I am only too happy to offer advice and to recommend they read the book of course! If I can inspire just one person to change their life then I have accomplished something.

I have learned on this life-changing journey that I am determined, dedicated and strong-willed. The key I've found to getting results is to be persistent. I also know that I can push myself beyond physical/ emotional barriers to achieve my goals.

My life has improved dramatically as a result of the book, Look good feel great! and of course my trainer, Jay. They have both made me very aware of the importance of exercise and nutrition in improving health and fitness. Today I can look at myself and feel a sense of pride in my achievements.

Melanie Rogers
Age 29
Perth, WA

Another Quick Weight Loss Success Story!

Dee Lost 12kgs in 18 Weeks!

I have been on the 'diet' rollercoaster for longer than I want to remember. I have always been someone that needs to watch what I eat.

Recently I entered a competition at the gym and that's where I met Steve who spoke to the group about how to get results by changing different things in your life.

He also spoke about the different supplements that are available to assist in achieving your goal. As I wanted the best results in a short period of time (who doesn't) I took Steve's advice and started taking XLR8 Thermogenic and glucose disposal agents daily.

I also had protein shakes for my morning and afternoon tea. By adding the protein shakes I found that I wasn't hungry between meals and it also gave me extra energy for the afternoon which I didn't have before.

I also purchased Steve book, Look good feel great! which highlights the importance of how each piece of the puzzle fits to achieve your personal goals. The book became my bible and I adapted the information to suit my lifestyle.

I found the book also gave me new ways of looking at things rather than thinking I was on another diet. With a well balanced food menu and a balanced exercise plan which included weight training, cardio and exercise classes I lost 18 kg in 12 weeks!

During that time I also lost 92.5 centimetres around my body and have dropped 3 dress sizes. Since completing the competition I still take the supplements and now enjoy exercise on a daily basis. For me it was a life change not a diet.

Dee Hoare
Bassendean, WA

Another Quick Weight Loss Success Story!

This is just a sample of some of the Weight Loss Success Stories. By using the principles on this site you can become one of the weight loss success stories too.

Try as many of the principles as possible and let me know about the fantastic results you achieve.

Plus, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time. Simply Click on the link below and that will take you from 'Weight Loss Success Stories' to the 'Contact Page'.

I sincerely want to help you achieve your weight loss goal and become one of the Weight Loss Success Stories yourself.

All you need to do is simply make a decision to start making a few changes to your lifestyle, incorporate the principles and then allow enough time for the results to occur. Then you will become one of the Weight Loss Success Stories.

Look Good Feel Great

If you are having trouble getting motivated, simply click on the link to the Weight Loss Motivation section and follow the instructions there. Then you will be well on your way to becoming one of the Weight Loss Success Stories too!

Also, if you want to discover all of the principles you need to lose all the weight you want, I recommend getting a copy of my e-book, Look Good Feel Great. It will take you through a simple 10-step process to ensure you lose all the weight you want.

All the ladies here read my book and used the principles it contains to help them achieve their weight-loss goal. Now you can too!

To find out more about my e-book, click here!

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