Weight Loss Supplements

It is a common belief that weight loss supplements don't work but the fact is they do work if you use them correctly and in the right combinations!

On the other hand, if you don't follow directions, if you expect them to perform miracles or if you use them to try and make up for wayward lifestyle habits, guess what? They don't work!

Yes, I know there's a truck-load of supplements out there and trying to find a good one is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack! But they're out there if you're willing to go looking for them. The good news is though that now you don't have to because I've done it all for you... but we'll talk about that in a moment.

If your goal is to lose weight there are only a handful of supplements that you need to take!

Weight Loss Supplements

Also, we are only going to focus on the ones that have a low cost-to-benefit ratio. This means that the results you achieve by using them outweighs their cost.

Sure, there are plenty of weight loss supplements that can make a small difference but their cost outweighs the benefits you receive. These will not be considered.

The first group we will cover are the 'Foundation Supplements'. These are the ones that everyone should take no matter what their goals are.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
Of course, we've all been told that if you eat a balanced diet you don't need to take supplements but let's get one thing straight, what is a balanced diet and how do you know if you've got one?

Well, here's how you can tell. Ask yourself the following questions and if you can answer 'yes' to each question then you are likely to be eating a balanced diet and don't need to take supplements.

Here are the questions:

  • Do you eat food from all the food groups every day?

  • Was the food you are eating grown in mineral-rich soils?

  • Is the food you are eating grown organically, meaning, they didn't use chemical pesticides or herbicides when the food was growing?

  • Are you certain that the food you are eating wasn't picked before it was ripe?

  • Is your food supply is a 'natural state', meaning, it hasn't been packaged or processed in any way?

  • Are you sure that your food hasn't been left on the shelf in the store for days or weeks at a time?
  • If you answered 'Yes' to all of these questions, then you probably don't need to take supplements! If not, then taking a vitamin and mineral supplement every day is essential!

    Vitamins and minerals perform a range of essential functions in our bodies. They are known as micronutrients because they are required in very small amounts.

    Even though they are only required in very small amounts, our diets tend to lack many of these essential nutrients therefore it make sense to supplement our diet with the missing nutrients.

    A high-quality multi-vitamin/ mineral supplement provides a range of nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. By helping your body function at optimum levels, you keep your metabolism elevated.

    Omega 3 Supplements
    Omega 3s have a range of health benefits in the body and it is virtually impossible to get enough of them in your diet alone. Not only do they promote the fat-burning process but they also enhance overall body function. It is beneficial to take them every day.

    Antioxidant Supplement
    When you consider the amount of free radicals that attack our body on a daily basis it makes sense to take a high-quality antioxidant supplement every day.

    Even though our body does produce antioxidants itself, it is nowhere near enough to quench the free radical load that our body faces every day. Therefore, supplemeting our diet with antioxidants is essential. BCN's SuperFood Blend is a great example of a powerful antioxidant supplement.

    By taking an antioxidant supplement every day, our body's overall functioning improves, which means its fat-burning ability also improves.

    The next group of weight loss supplements are the 'Optimum Performance Supplements'.

    Creatine is well-known in the fitness industry as a bodybuilding supplement. However, it is now being touted as one of the top weight-loss supplements as well because of the cell-volumising effects it has.

    By keep the muscle cells volumised (full of water), muscle breakdown is prevented and therefore the body's metabolism stays elevated, which makes fat burning much easier.

    L glutamine
    L-glutamine is another great weight-loss supplement that has come from bodybuilding circles.

    Since it has a cell-volumising effect as well as a growth hormone (GH) stimulating effect, it may also assist weight-loss efforts.

    The final group of weight loss supplements are the 'Physiological Modification' Supplements. These should be used in a 'cyclical' nature.

    Here is information on XLR8 Thermogenic, which is a thermogenic (fat burner) that I designed and my company, Body Concepts, markets and sells throughout Australia.

    I based the formulation on what research indicates are the most effective thermogenic ingredients available today. Please click on the following link to find out more: XLR8 Thermogenic.

    Glucose Disposal Agents (GDAs)
    GDAs help the body disposal aof glucose more efectively. This means that the blood sugar remains stable and insulin stays low. By doing so, the body can access and utilise fat as a fuel source more effectively.

    Weight loss supplements can really help to speed up the weight loss process in your body if you use them correctly. Plus, they make a massive difference to your energy level and overall health.

    For more detailed information on nutritional and weight loss supplements, please read, Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements: The Essential Guide for Improving Your Health Naturally

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