Why Workout Routines Are Such An Important Part of Your Weight Loss Program

Workout routines must be a major part of your weight-loss program if you are serious about getting the best results possible. It is also important that some form of exercise is performed on a daily basis.

Plus, many of your workouts should include a combination of weight lifting exercises and aerobic exercise.

Workout Routines and Weight Loss

In this article we will cover why workout routines are such an important part of any weight-loss program and why you must do them if you're serious about getting the best possible results.

Here are some reasons why workout routines are so important in your weight-loss program:

  • Dramatic fat-burning effects
  • Prevent muscle loss
  • Increase energy/ calorie expenditure
  • Physiological adaptations
  • Psychological benefits
We will examine each of these areas individually.

Dramatic fat-burning effects

When you perform both weight training and aerobic exercise in a workout together it is best to perform cardio after weight training in order to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Benefits of Workout Routines

The reason why cardio after weights is the best way to structure your workout routines is because weight training tends to be high-intensity exercise, which requires a greater proportion of carbohydrate to be used as a fuel source. Aerobic exercise, on the other hand, tends to be moderate-intensity exercise and therefore the body can use either fat or carbohydrate as a fuel source. [NOTE: This is a generalisation only.]

Therefore, if you perform the weight training first (after a warm up), your body will become mildly depleted of carbohydrate because they have been burnt up during the first part of your workout. Then, when you perform the aerobic component your body will have a greater tendency to use fat as its primary source of fuel. This means you can maximise the amount of fat you burn off during your workouts.

To burn off even more body fat during your workout routines you may like to take a thermogenic fat burner prior to the exercise session. This will give you an energy boost, increase your metabolism, and mobilise more fat from your body fat stores, which may then be used as a fuel source during your workout routines.

Plus, because the fat mobilising effects take some time to 'kick in', performing your aerobic exercise after the weights will allow more than enough time for this to occur.

After you've finished your workout it is also worthwhile not eating or drinking anything (except water) for 20-30 minutes. As a result of taking the thermogenic fat burner as well as performing the exercise, your metabolism will stay elevated for quite some time after the workout has finished. Therefore, after your workout routines it is best to simply have a shower, get changed and then have your next meal as opposed to having your next meal straight after the exercise session. You don't want to wait longer than about 30 minutes though because then cortisol levels will start to rise and this will result in a loss of muscle (which will slow your metabolism) in addition to other factors that will stop you from losing weight.

Waiting 20-30 minutes after your workout routines before eating or drinking anything is different from the recommendation for people who want to maximise muscle mass. In that case they should have a post-workout protein shake as soon as possible after the session so their body can start the repair, recuperation, recovery and rebuilding processes.

Prevent muscle loss

One of the biggest advantages of workout routines when it comes to losing weight is the fact that they help prevent muscle loss if you regularly perform some form of resistance exercise. Often when people want to lose weight they will reduce their food intake and/ or perform some aerobic exercise but unfortunately resistance exercise or weight training isn't something that is considered.

This usually results from the mistaken belief that lifting weights in workout routines will cause them to 'bulk up'. However, this is simply not the case and in fact, by not performing resistance training as you lose weight your body will indiscriminately lose both fat and muscle tissue and a loss of muscle results in a reduction of metabolic rate.

In fact, you can lose up to half of the weight from muscle if resistance training is not performed, which can stop further weight loss in its tracks!

Increase energy/ calorie expenditure

Any exercise will increase the rate at which your body burns up energy (calories). This will make it much easier to create an energy/ calorie deficit so you can lose weight. Not only does your body burn up calories during the exercise session itself but it also continues to burn up calories for quite some time after the completion of your workout routines.

What's more, if you build muscle as a result of the session, the extra muscle will mean that you can burn up extra calories on an ongoing basis because muscle is a very metabolically-active tissue. Creating an energy deficit is one of the most important things you can do to achieve sustained weight loss. However, you must remember that creating an energy deficit is not the only thing you need to do to lose weight and it is also something that you don't want to take to extremes.

Physiological adaptations

There are a variety of physiological adaptations that occur in the body as a result of workout routines in order to make the body a more efficient fat burner and which results in greater weight loss.

Most of these physiological adaptations have to do with an improvement in the body's ability to absorb and utilise oxygen more efficiently. Oxygen is used to burn off body fat. Therefore, the more efficiently your body can absorb and utilise oxyge,n the more efficiently you can burn off body fat.

Of course, aerobic exercise increases lung capacity and heart volume. This means that oxygen transport around the body improves dramatically.

Also, an effect called, 'capillarisation' occurs, which means that the number of capillaries surrounding each muscle fibre increases. Therefore, more oxygen and more fatty acids may be transported to the working muscles both during exercise and throughout the day.

The number of red blood cells in the body increases, which means there is more haemoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells) available to carry the oxygen around. The level of myoglobin (the oxygen-carrying protein in muscle cells) also increases.

There is also an increase in the oxidative enzymes in muscle tissue. These enzymes increase the rate at which the muscle cells utilise fuel, particularly fat, as an energy source.

The number of mitochondria within muscle cells also increases. Mitochondria are the 'engine rooms' of cells. It is where all fuels are burnt up.

All of these physiological adaptation from workout routines are enormously beneficial in helping you burn off body fat and lose weight fast! That is why workout routines are such an important part of any weight-loss program.

Psychological benefits

Finally, the psychological benefits that come from performing regular workout routines cannot be under-estimated. By creating the habit of exercising on a regular basis, not only do you receive the 'endorphin rush' from the session itself, but you also get the self esteem boost from knowing you have taken another step closer to achieving your weight-loss goal.

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